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Etteplan has strong industry domain knowledge in the metal industry and can provide you with expert services in engineering, digitalization and technical documentation. We have a wide range of solutions for iron making, steel making, continuous casting, hot and cold rolling, auxiliary plants, steel service centers or tube and profile production, to name a few.

Our versatile services for the metal industry

Etteplan’s services for the metal industry comprise engineering of equipment and plants, processes and advanced digitalization solutions, as well as technical documentation and asset information management services for service and maintenance operations. In addition to designing new steel plants, we have supported our customers in numerous modernization projects in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Denmark and China. Etteplan operates in Russia with an extensive Self-Regulating Organizations (SRO) license.

We provide services for the metal industry covering many areas of expertise, from product development to IoT solutions and life cycle analysis, including embedded systems, plant engineering, project management, information systems and HVAC, as well as energy, life cycle and safety analysis. We also offer installation supervision and training and commissioning services.

In the area of technical documentation, we support our customers in the creation of superior spare parts catalogues and installation and user manuals to ensure smooth and efficient maintenance and service operations. We also assist our customers with a full range of asset information management services and systems to ensure that relevant documentation is up-to-date and easily available to maintenance personnel.

Etteplan's manufacturing know-how is based on long-term cooperation

Etteplan has over 30 years’ experience in the engineering of plants, processes and manufacturing equipment for the metal industry. Our know-how is built on our long-standing cooperation with our customers. Etteplan can assume overall responsibility for producing and developing engineering services as well as for technical documentation. Our in-depth expertise in the metal industry ensures high productivity and production safety. We have helped our customers to recycle the by-products of the steel manufacturing process more efficiently and lower their energy consumption and discharge levels. Many of our customers, such as Outokumpu, rely on Etteplan's outsourcing services. Our customers include some of the largest equipment manufacturers, such as SSAB, Outokumpu, Outotec, Ovako and Siemens.

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