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Services for Waste Management

Etteplan's services for waste management improve the circular economy and help waste management companies build a sustainable future while often achieving cost savings. With our experts' extensive expertise and decades of experience in different development projects in the waste management sector, we ensure high-class and efficient implementation of tailored studies for your needs.

Our services for waste management cover separate collection modelling, organization-level carbon footprint calculation for waste management companies and impact assessments of different emission avoidance means. Additionally, we help in other waste management and circular economy-related studies.

Modelling separate collection of waste helps to identify the environmental impacts

By separate collection modelling, we provide information about the accumulation of different waste types, costs, and environmental impacts in a desired area. Results can be calculated for the current situation and alternative scenarios. This information can be used to:

  • Plan the expansion of separate collection of different waste types to smaller properties and assess its impact on waste management costs and emissions.
  • Optimize waste collection methods for different sorts of waste types: What is a reasonable service level for waste sorting still justified in terms of costs and environmental effects? How, for example, multi-chamber waste collection, deep waste collection, local and block collection, or changing to renewable fuel affects costs and environmental impacts of the waste management system?

We have developed JEKO™ tool for modelling separate collection of waste

Our JEKO™ tool models waste collection considering all collection stages such as transfers, container emptying, and road transportation. We use region-specific data and parameters determined from the results of numerous waste management studies. JEKO™ tool combined with LCA for Experts Software (former GaBi) enables comprehensive examination of the environmental impacts of waste collection and treatment on a regional scale. Our models cover various waste types, their treatment chains, emissions, and emission credits achieved by recycling.

Our experts have modelled waste collection in the majority of Finland, covering the municipal solid waste management for over 60% of the total population. We have also been involved in the waste legislation reform by providing background studies and information to the Ministry of the Environment on the effects of legislative changes on recycling rates, the environment, costs, and employment.

We also offer a map-based service for waste management companies. The software we have developed can be used in the planning of separate waste collection, in the customer service of waste management and to support authorities in their work. The software enables various examinations and provides information, for example, about the number of properties, apartments, and residents.

Carbon footprint calculation helps identify the greenhouse gas emissions from your company's activities

Carbon footprint calculation is a path to better understand the greenhouse gas emissions related to your operations. The results of the carbon footprint calculation provide annual information both from the carbon footprint of your company's own operations and its value chain activities. We calculate the carbon footprint of your company following the organization's carbon footprint calculation guidelines (GHG Protocol).

With carbon footprint calculation, we help you monitor and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions generated from operations and different waste treatment processes. By identifying the most significant emission sources in the current state, development actions can be targeted reasonably. The annual monitoring of the carbon footprint verifies the effectiveness of these actions.

Other studies and services

We also provide other waste management and circular economy-related studies and services. These include, among other things:

  • Studies on emission reduction potential at facility and action level.
  • Life cycle impact assessments of emission reduction measures (emission reduction programs).
  • Consulting services for the development of carbon footprint calculators.

Contact us today to learn more about how our services for waste management can help your waste management company achieve a sustainable and cost-effective future.

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