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Application and Mobile Development

We can count the users of mobile devices in the billions, and they are still increasing. Being flexible and working from many places is the reality nowadays. That is why mobile services are more popular than before. Your services are available for everyone and from everywhere. A well-executed mobile app brings service quality and flexibility to the next level and opens new opportunities: mobile payment, real-time communications, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality functions, Bluetooth and NFC device pairing, and video connections.

At Etteplan, we deliver modern, device-independent, automatically screen-scalable solutions and accessible web and mobile apps. Our wide knowledge of application and mobile development technologies helps you get the best possible solution tailored to your needs. We take care of every aspect of your project, from service design to development and testing automation

Starting with service design

Starting with service design, our digitalization specialists explore user needs, clarify solution concepts, and define business objectives using specific methods. We design user flows and ensure a holistic user experience while meeting accessibility requirements. Our software specialists are knowledgeable in various technologies such as React, Angular, Flutter, Vue.js as well as cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. 

Desktop applications

In addition to industrial applications that optimize key business processes, we also specialize in software development for strictly regulated environments. Our team focuses on factors such as detailed design specifications, testing and validation procedures, compliance with standards and norms, change control in updates, quality assurance and control measures, encryption and security guarantees. 

We also have a strong background in desktop applications such as Qt-based solutions or Windows Forms solutions for critical business environments. 

Mobile development: Practical solutions for people on the go

In today's fast-paced world, mobile solutions are essential for reaching customers and providing convenient services. When you approach design from a mobile app perspective, the solution is scalable to other platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience. Our mobile development services offer practical solutions for people on the go, whether it is charging an electric car, managing logistics, or monitoring energy consumption. 

With Etteplan as your partner, we will take care of all your mobile application development needs. Let us help you create innovative and impactful solutions that meet the demands of today's mobile-centric world. 

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