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Product Development

We provide engineering support for all stages of product development. Our high level of expertise in engineering innovative products covers a range of areas. Our services include the creation of new concepts and products and the development of existing ones. We strive to enhance product features and characteristics, lengthening their life cycle while also delivering more sustainable options. We also have extensive knowledge of requirements and standards ensuring compliance of design output.

At Etteplan, our goal is to improve our customers' competitiveness through more efficient engineering. With over 40 years of experience, we have worked with demanding industries such as mining, high-tech, and climate technologies.

Efficient product development projects

Our engineers possess extensive industry experience, enabling us to find the best solutions for your product development challenges. We plan and execute product development projects in a structured way, optimize resource allocation in each phase, and provide cost schedules, quality, and progress data transparently. By planning projects in phases, we provide transparency and cost-effectiveness while allowing you to make informed decisions based on the outcome of each phase.

Optimized systems for successful operations

Well-functioning systems are vital to any operation's success. At Etteplan, we offer comprehensive services, tools, and methods to manage complex systems throughout their life cycles. Our expertise ensures maximum reliability along with operational efficiency which includes functionality, performance, reliability, safety, security, and maintainability.

Partnering for success

At Etteplan, we foster a culture of teamwork, granting every project access to a wide range of expertise. Through our long-term partnerships in the manufacturing industry, we can assist you in taking your product from development to production efficiently, saving time during routine stages.

Support across the product lifecycle

  • Requirement Engineering Phase: We engineer system specifications to meet stakeholder needs and regulatory requirements. Through feasibility studies, we extract, structure, analyze, and manage requirements according to selected methodologies.
  • Design Engineering Phase: We analyze technical and commercial solutions to meet your expectations. Our team assists in hazard assessments, reliability studies, calculations, system diagrams, and specifications. Together, we choose an optimal solution aligned with business goals.
  • Product Development Projects: Leveraging our engineers’ expertise from various industries, we provide innovative and efficient solutions for your product development. Our transparent and cost-effective operations adhere to agreed schedules, ensuring timely results.
  • Sourcing, Pre-production, and production: We provide engineering expertise and technical support to our customers for making sourcing, testing, prototyping, and production operations efficiently and with high quality.
  • Maintenance and application management: We monitor your application and fix any system vulnerabilities that may occur. We also proactively continue to develop and provide suggestions for the betterment of your system.

Our approach to product development aims to enhance competitiveness through efficient engineering. Whether you need assistance with additive manufacturing or comprehensive system management, Etteplan is here to support your journey towards success.

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