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Computer Vision and AI

Revolutionize your industry with the power of Computer Vision and AI. From quality control in manufacturing to medical image analysis, our cutting-edge solutions combine vision-based machine learning and classic computer vision techniques. With a strong team of experts and a track record of successful projects, we deliver practical and cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs. Let our global capabilities and comprehensive expertise elevate your business to new heights.

Comprehensive vision solutions addressing industry-specific challenges 

In today's dynamic industries, achieving efficient vision analysis and quality control is essential. Whether it's in production, the steel industry, pharmaceuticals, medtech, or medical/life sciences, accurate and timely insights are crucial. 

Our Computer Vision and AI services provide a comprehensive approach to address your specific challenges. Leveraging vision-based machine learning, classic computer vision, and modern deep learning techniques, we design solutions that empower your business. 

Expert team, successful projects 

Our team of experts brings proficiency in vision analysis, optics, digitalization, and automation understanding to the table. We possess strong competencies in data science and data management, enabling us to collect, organize, and utilize data to train powerful machine learning models. Our algorithm development expertise ensures that the solutions are tailor-made to suit your unique requirements. 

Seamless integration and MLOps 

MLOps, short for Machine Learning Ops, is an integral part of our offering. We provide guidance on organizing your machine learning process and data infrastructure for seamless integration and optimal results. Embrace MLOps to maximize efficiency and results, ensuring your machine learning initiatives effortlessly align with your operations. 

The power of edge machine learning services 

Edge Machine Learning (Edge ML) is a revolutionary fusion of specialized hardware and advanced algorithms, offering remarkable benefits. With increased reliability and speed, Edge ML operates autonomously, eliminating the reliance on network connections or servers for decision-making. This approach ensures sensitive data remains within the confines of the premise/device, bolstering security. On-device learning and updates allow for per-device optimization, while reduced network traffic and resource consumption lead to cost savings. Etteplan's Edge ML services redefine decision-making, security, and efficiency while enabling process control, optimization, and predictive maintenance. 

Practical solutions for your success 

The Right Solution for Your Needs: At our core, we understand that machine learning isn't always necessary for every application. Our focus is on delivering practical, cost-effective solutions with reduced risks. We prioritize meeting your business goals over flashy and expensive solutions. 

Elevate your business with AI and computer vision 

What sets us apart is our strong expert group comprising more than six individuals in Uppsala, many holding a PHD-level expertise in machine learning and vision. With a proven track record of successfully executed projects from start to finish, you can trust us to deliver results. 

Furthermore, our capabilities go beyond machine learning. We offer integration expertise, covering embedded systems, hardware, and software. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we provide not just a part but the whole package. 

Transform your business with our intelligent vision solutions 

Contact us today to explore the possibilities and transform your business with our intelligent vision solutions. Let us help you unlock the full potential of Computer Vision and AI. 

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