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Composite Materials

Etteplan has solid and broad competence in the design and engineering of composite materials. We will help you bring your product to a new level of performance, for example in terms of reduced weight or improved stiffness. Solutions using composite materials will impact application in an automotive, mobile working machine, rolling stock, maritime, aviation and aerospace industries and enables new uses, including applications in machinery and equipment manufacturing industries.

Composites are becoming more affordable and are being utilized in various applications. If you are considering incorporating composites into your company or product, there are several important factors to consider.

Design and engineering support

One crucial aspect is the design and engineering of the product. Etteplan, an experienced partner in this field, can provide guidance and support throughout the process. We can assist with optimizing performance and conducting strength calculations.

Material selection

Choosing the right materials is another key consideration when working with composites. Etteplan can help select the most suitable materials for your specific requirements, ensuring durability and functionality.

Production methods

Selecting appropriate production methods is essential for successful implementation of composites. Etteplan can offer expertise in this area, helping you choose the most efficient and cost-effective techniques.

Supplier identification

Finding reliable suppliers who specialize in composites is crucial. Etteplan can assist in identifying trustworthy suppliers who can provide high-quality composite materials.

Introducing composites into your company or product requires careful planning and consideration of various aspects such as design/engineering, material selection, production methods, and supplier choices. With Etteplan's experience and support, you can navigate these challenges effectively and benefit from utilizing composites in your industry.

Our offering

At Etteplan, our personnel come from different sectors of industry. We have a broad range of experience from projects integrating composite material in existing products, as well as designing the best performance from a clean sheet. We can act as your engineering partner in the trickiest parts of a project. We can also take full responsibility all the way from the concept phase to the completion of your product.

Because no two challenges are the same, we work with state-of-the-art software in CAD and FEA, incorporating topology optimization and stress analysis in our projects, to provide the best possible solution in your project.

At our facilities in Linköping, Sweden, our prototype workshop helps us concretize our concepts in an early stage of every project. We have the tools necessary to make prototypes and even small series of any design, such as hand layup, vacuum bagging, and curing.

When going into an industrialization phase, our carefully selected manufacturing partners will help you scale up the developed product into larger batches.

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