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HowTo Create

Discover HowTo Create – a powerful Content-as-a-Service solution for technical documentation that delivers FAIR value: easy to Find, Accessible for everyone, Interoperable across all devices and Reusable. With our approach to content creation, you get quality content, significant cost savings, and giving engineers back valuable time to re-invest in innovation and customer experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of creating, managing, and publishing technical product information. Enjoy accelerated time-to-market, centralized content storage, automated publication, and swift version management.

Streamline content creation with HowTo Create

HowTo Create is more than just a documentation tool – it is a powerful solution that revolutionizes the way technical product information is created, managed, and published. With our collaborative approach, we bring together quality content, significant cost savings, and peace of mind for those responsible for technical product information. 

Accelerate time-to-market and decrease costs with HowTo Create's efficient content lifecycle management

Our central aspect of HowTo Create is modularization, which effectively decreases update expenses. By implementing a modular structure, your content becomes flexible for various target audiences and objectives, ultimately expediting the time it takes to bring products to market. Whether it pertains to installation guides, user manuals, maintenance documentation, or training materials, our modular approach and automation guarantee adaptability, reusability, and decreased time required for content creation, management, and publishing. 

As a content management system (CCMS) and service, HowTo Create simplifies the entire content lifecycle. Efficiently create, manage, translate, and publish content across multiple formats becomes a seamless process with digital workflows. With enhanced findability, comprehension, and usability, technical content becomes more accessible and user-friendly resulting in faster time-to-market and improved customer satisfaction. 

HowTo Create effortlessly manages a variety of product-related information such as text, tables, and visuals. With centralized content storage it becomes simple to handle and cater to different target audiences. Moreover the system includes an automated publishing process that improves workflow efficiency leading to time and cost savings. 

Maximize efficiency and reusability with HowTo Create's single sourcing capabilities

Harnessing the power of single sourcing HowTo Create maximizes efficiency. Texts and visuals are created once and can be reused across any material reducing time for content creation and updates. The system's version and configuration management feature enables swift access to different document versions ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is readily available. 

HowTo Create thrives on XML methodology aligning with standards like DITA and S1000D. This optimization ensures seamless single sourcing and reuse further reducing content creation and management time. With a variety of templates, content can be published in diverse formats including mobile-friendly PDF and HTML5. 

Clear and concise content makes the greatest impact. That is why we employ Simplified Technical English (STE) for content creation resulting in coherent and consistent documentation. Our Simplified Technical Illustrations method further enhances content clarity offering up to 70% illustration reuse. Interactive elements can also be integrated making illustrations more engaging and informative. 

Choose HowTo Create for superior documentation, increased efficiency, accelerated time-to-market, and substantial cost savings. Embrace a collaborative approach and take your technical content to new heights, leaving a lasting impact in various industries and amongst professionals. 

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