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HowTo Deliver

Many professionals encounter difficulties when searching for solutions to their problems. In the present diverse environment, there is no longer a single standard user of content. Although technical resources such as manuals and guides are available, they often fail to offer the prompt and efficient assistance required. To tackle these obstacles, we present Etteplan HowTo Deliver.

Revolutionizing technical information access and productivity 

At Etteplan, we understand the significant investment and labor required to produce technical documentation. We are fully aware of the obstacles that can arise, from production delays due to inaccessible information and language barriers to maintenance mistakes and product safety hazards. This understanding has led us to develop Etteplan HowTo Deliver, a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the way technical information is managed. 

We inspire change and challenge the status quo. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we aim to transform the way technical information is created, delivered, maintained, and consumed in the digital age. We prioritize your needs as our collaborative approach ensures a tailored solution for your specific challenges. 

Etteplan HowTo Deliver: Unlock operational efficiency and empower users with fast access to targeted information 

Introducing Etteplan HowTo Deliver - a comprehensive turnkey service designed to accelerate access to the right information for end users while increasing operational and service productivity. Our cloud-based platform supports an unlimited number of data formats, ensuring easy access to user-centric manuals regardless of format. We emphasize modularization of information for efficient searchability and targeted answers. With metadata enhancements and structured content, automation possibilities are endless. 

We believe in seamless integration with external data sources and applications through our standardized API first principle. This allows for easy integration with systems such as CCMS, ERP, PDM, SCADA, MMS, MES - enabling customized applications for different user groups. Our multi-channel dissemination capabilities ensure accessibility across devices including personal computers, smartphones, tablets as well as VR or AR applications. 

Etteplan HowTo Deliver redefines how technical information is accessed, used, and managed. Join us on this transformative journey towards revolutionizing the delivery of technical information and unlocking the full potential of your operations. 

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