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Integration services

In the globally connected world, seamless communication is crucial for your company's success. Just like people need uninterrupted communication, your software and hardware systems should work flawlessly together. At Etteplan, we understand the importance of integration in achieving this.

Ensuring smooth data flow between systems

With a proven record of accomplishment in integrating IoT (Internet of Things), payment providers, internal and external systems, and more, our experts at Etteplan can help you achieve efficient system integration that cuts business costs. 

By connecting and securely sharing information between applications, our integration services ensure smooth data flow between systems. This allows for automated processes, integrated data sources, time savings, and improved customer satisfaction through enhanced visibility. 

Our experienced systems integration specialists ensure uninterrupted data flow between applications and/or automation to optimize your operations. 

Types of integrations we build: 

IT/OT Integration 
Legacy System Integration 
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) 
Third-Party System Integration 
Business-to-Business Integration

Collect data and react in real time

In many industries, IoT plays a vital role in collecting real-time data. By combining IoT with our integration services, we enable you to collect and analyze data in real time. Through well-designed integrations, we ensure seamless data flow and synchronization between your systems. 

We understand the unique challenges of integrating various software solutions in industrial contexts. Our expertise allows us to build integration solutions that support your business and enable data scientists to create new business opportunities from the collected data. 

Integration services designed to meet your needs

Whether you need to integrate payment providers, hardware and IoT, Business Intelligence, or data enrichment, our integration specialists have the necessary experience. We can create a suitable solution customized to meet your specific needs. 

Our extensive knowledge of integration platforms and technologies, including IoT and hardware solutions, enables us to bring together the worlds of software and hardware seamlessly. We work with you to define the target integration state and create an action plan to reach your goals. Our scalable solutions cater to every plant's requirement. 

Integration services not only improve day-to-day operations but also reduce costs, enhance security, and ensure customer satisfaction. Fill out the form below to get more information on how our integration services at Etteplan can benefit your company. 

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