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Green Transition Trainings

Managing and promoting sustainability and the achievement of emission reductions require understanding and commitment within the organization. Etteplan’s customized green transition trainings support your organization’s sustainable operations. We are happy to help you with workshops, sustainability-related educating or facilitating, life cycle assessment, and climate topics.

Our training themes include carbon and water footprints, life cycle assessment, low-carbon practices, sustainability reporting, and calculation. Our tailored green transition trainings provide assistance for fact-based decision-making and discussions with stakeholders. Trainings can be held for individual companies, or they can be tailored for specific industrial sectors, for instance.

Gain a solid understanding of key concepts

By participating in our climate and life cycle assessment focused trainings, you will gain a solid understanding of the basic concepts and calculation principles of carbon and/or water footprint as well as environmental impact assessments. You will learn about typical application areas, the significance of the results in terms of operations, and how to interpret the results. We have conducted training sessions at a common level covering the key features of carbon footprint calculations and life cycle assessment but also educated companies on more specific topics such as LCA for Experts (formerly GaBi), End-of-Life (EoL) modeling and methods, and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for sales personnel.

Focusing on low-carbon practices

Our trainings focusing on low-carbon practices equip participants with the competence in adapting low-carbon operations. After completing the training, you will understand the baseline of your organization's carbon footprint and discover the possibilities for achieving emissions reductions.

Enhance your capability in carbon footprint calculations

In our calculation-oriented training, we concentrate on enhancing your capability to independently carry out carbon footprint calculations. The content of the training can be tailored for organizational or product-level calculations, aligning with your needs.

We offer green transition trainings to company personnel, management, or targeted key persons, such as those responsible for sales or sustainability reporting. The typical duration of the trainings ranges from 60 to 120 minutes, and training materials are shared with participants after the session.

Get in touch, and let's discuss a training package that suits your needs!

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