Market outlook and Financial guidance

The most important factor affecting Etteplan’s business is the global development of the machinery and metal industry. Continued Russian aggression against Ukraine and the further elevation of geopolitical tensions due to the conflict in the Middle East have increased uncertainty globally. Uncertainty and the rise in interest rates caused by inflation have reduced our customers’ willingness to invest and weakened the demand situation in certain customer industries. Nevertheless, investments related to the defense industry, energy efficiency and accelerating the green transition are continuing to grow. There are fluctuations in demand, and the year 2024 begins in an uncertain and slightly weaker demand situation. The markets expect interest rates to fall in 2024, and we believe this will boost investments and improve the demand situation to a good level.

Financial guidance 2024

Etteplan issues guidance for revenue and operating profit (EBIT) as a numerical range and issues the following estimate:

Revenue in 2024 is as estimated to be EUR 375-415 (2023: 360.0) million, and
operating profit (EBIT) in 2024 is estimated to be EUR 28-34 (2023: EUR 25.5 million).