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Electronics Design

Technology plays a key role in today's world. It relies on electronic devices to be reliable, intuitive, and accessible anywhere, anytime. For this to happen, a well-crafted electrical design is needed. Etteplan Electronics Design service is a way of turning your business ideas into products that meet the product and market requirements and can be produced by any Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS).

From Ideas to Electronic Products

Whatever your idea, we deliver a full service for any company needing either a complete turnkey project with electronics, product mechanics or housing, embedded software, connectivity and cloud analytics, or any part of the process in developing a new electronics device. Etteplan Electronics Design service will result in delivering the manufacturing documents with which the product can be produced by any EMS. This also covers support for the whole product's life cycle. 

Our Electronics Design Services Include

System design 
Schematics design 
PCB Layout Design service and simulations 
Mechanical design/housings 
Component engineering 
Handling of prototype manufacturing 
Testing and verification of prototypes 
Designing and manufacturing of PCB production testers 
Handling and performing required certification tests

We also support in EMS selection and production ramp-up. Our team helps you with any updates needed in the life cycle of the product or components, such as end-of-life replacements variants. We manage new features for fresh customer segments or markets. 

Product Development as a Customized Service

Etteplan’s product development delivers a proven process for Electronics Design by considering the necessary steps from defining the product requirements and concept all the way to commercially deliverable products and life-time support of the developed product. This takes you beyond one-off projects and allows you to have a partner managing the product development process that is customized based on your needs. 

We assist in schematics design, PCB layout design, simulations, or with laboratory tests as well as with production testers. You can select just specific parts of the service like PCB design. If necessary, our experienced electronics designers can also work as part of your team or on-site consultants at your premises. 

The Way We Work

We deliver Electronics Design service as a customized project, which starts with concept phase followed by additional projects either up to the first tested prototypes or to a certified product. Etteplan is a service company, and we adapt to your way of working with our device creation process, ensuring design quality. We prepare a full service for any company needing either a complete turnkey project or just some part, depending on your needs. 

Team of Electronics Design Experts at Your Service

Electronics design is a highly specialized expert service. Etteplan's designers have been working in a wide range of industries and are seasoned in getting cost-efficient and well-produced products into markets. An electronics design project's life cycle clearly has a start and an end, with some updates every now and then. 

That is why it makes sense to use an engineering company in developing your products. This brings scalability and a wide pool of talents available for any specific design challenge from RF-design to working with complex microcontrollers and analog interfaces. Such a wide scope of knowledge is hard to keep in-house and even harder to gather for specific projects. If you want to talk about electronic design, contact us. 

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