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Production Development

In discrete manufacturing, ensuring flexibility and defect-free deliveries are key success factors. Streamlining batch production while implementing rigorous quality control is essential.

Reimagining Discrete Manufacturing

Product and equipment manufacturers often deal with a diverse product mix that includes standard items, customized modules, and variants of existing products. This complexity requires effective scheduling, inventory management, and resource allocation.

Flexibility, simulation-driven development, and skilled workers play a pivotal role in discrete manufacturing, whether it revolves around individual products or distinct batches.

As experts in manufacturing process design, software solutions, engineering, assembly optimization, and technical communication, we invite you to transform your manufacturing processes for efficiency, flexibility, and defect-free precision.

Addressing Variability and Quality Challenges

Key strategies involve:

  • Balancing efficiency and adaptability in batch production.
  • Implementing rigorous quality control measures.
  • Focusing on safety and ergonomics in production settings.

Quality control is critical to minimize defects and ensure customer satisfaction. Integrating Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Digital Twin technology streamlines production, enhances decision-making, and provides a high-quality output of unique variants.

Etteplan can help you evaluate, design, and analyze your manufacturing process, product mix, and product variants. These steps are important when transforming manufacturing processes to be more efficient, flexible, and precise, meeting the evolving trends and demands in industries like industrial machinery, MedTech, and semiconductors.

Reinvent your production performance and operations together with us. Our approach emphasizes continuous innovation, cross-industrial experience, and global presence underpinned by partnerships with major technology providers.

Etteplan’s services for production development

Material flow analysis and investment planning

High level process analysis to capture initial data and production parameters is the starting point for production development. By interviewing all project stakeholders from material management to final assembly and shipping, we create a digital representation of the factory layout and its functionality. Ultimately, we have identified the most important parameters influencing the production flow.

A business case and pay-back calculation is required for any investment. Etteplan can help in conducting feasibility studies and setting up the necessary RFI/RFP documentation to capture cost estimates and prepare budgets for investment proposals.

Simulation and visualization

Digital representation of the production layout and assembly process is key to production efficiency. The digital twin can be used to verify technology choices, challenge suppliers to provide optimal solutions, and ensure that bottlenecks and potential issues are detected early on to avoid problems and, in the end, improve OEE.

MES solutions and integration services

Well-designed integrations ensure seamless data flows and real-time synchronization between your systems. We help you build integration solutions that support your business, no matter whether your need is in OT/IT data flow, MES/ERP integration, inventory management, or legacy systems.

Data engineering and data analytics

A company incorporating analytics and data in its production operations can create a major competitive edge by using information for production development. Data analytics leads to process optimization by providing insights into procedures, processes, and people.

Production automation

By simulating and optimizing the production process and increasing production automation in the relevant production steps, we increase material flow and improve discrete production safety, quality, and cost efficiency. At the same time, we can keep or even increase production flexibility.

Assembly and test solutions

Whether you need assembly optimization, workplaces for manual assembly, production tooling, or a fully automated production cell, Etteplan can deliver solutions. We also provide solutions for production testing, measurement systems (Data Acquisition and Control), and test data analysis.
At Etteplan, we have provided turn-key production testing solutions for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) and box-built end products since 2005. You can choose between your own platform, Etteplan’s Procket platform, or a custom-made solution.

Production and qualification tooling

To achieve the best production performance, you not only have to look closely at production processes and solutions but also need assisting tools and equipment. Whether you need manual assembly, production tooling, or test rigs, Etteplan can deliver.

Operator training and maintenance

Our learning material offerings cater to individuals, teams, and organizations across manufacturing industries. Etteplan offers operator training and onboarding solutions by providing top-quality educational content encompassing e-learning modules, classroom materials, infographics, work instructions, virtual reality, and more.

Maintenance services and wear and spare parts are integral to our system and equipment deliveries.

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