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Active Alignment and Bonding of CMOS-to-Lens for Adimec’s high-performance cameras

Adimec, a leading provider of reliable and high-performance industrial camera systems, is known for delivering crisp, clear images for the machine vision, global security, and healthcare applications. Achieving high accuracy during the alignment and bonding of CMOS sensors to lens systems is critical for ensuring optimal image quality. To accomplish this, Adimec was supported by Etteplan. By combining active alignment with bonding methods, Adimec creates metrology cameras that offer superior resolution and exceptional performance.

Active Alignment: precision at its best

Active alignment is a technique used by Adimec to achieve, in this instance, highly accurate sensor-to-lens alignment. Unlike traditional alignment methods, active alignment utilizes real-time imaging feedback to assist in positioning the sensor precisely. In this case, Adimec uses modulation transfer function (MTF)-based alignment. With MTF, the X and Y position, degrees of rotation, tilt and back focal distance are all measured via feedback from the sensor as it is being aligned.

Etteplan's Contribution: Engineering and Integration Expertise

To enable the active alignment process, Etteplan played a crucial role in engineering and integrating semi-automatic customized equipment for this purpose. Our equipment facilitates the alignment of the CMOS sensor to the lens based on MTF measurements in a cleanroom environment. Etteplan ensures that the alignment process is efficient, accurate, and repeatable.

Bonding of CMOS sensor to lens

Once the active alignment process is done, the next step is to ensure the components are bonded. Etteplan implemented the crucial bonding method developed by Adimec used to fix the CMOS sensor securely to the lens, ensuring stability and robustness. With Etteplan’s repeatable implementation of the bonding method, Adimec can guarantee the durability and longevity of their camera systems, even in harsh environments.

Superior image quality

The final result is the creation of high-resolution metrology / imaging cameras that deliver exceptional image quality. This particular camera system is intended for 4K and beyond imaging for applications in harsh environments.

Accelerating the Future, One Photon at a Time

To speed up the shift from electronic to photonic integrated circuits (PICs), a significant improvement in the cost and manufacturing cycle time is essential. Etteplan has devised an R&D solution that expedites this process. This back-end assembly machine leverages a user-friendly and efficient block-based programming interface accessible through a standard web browser, allowing users to independently program the production sequences.

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