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Simulation-driven design

At Etteplan, we believe that innovation is fueled by simulation-driven design. This approach revolutionizes product development, replacing traditional test-driven methodologies with virtual prototypes. By leveraging the power of simulations, we enable faster iterations, early issue identification, and rapid resolution.

The power of Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation

The demand for electromagnetic (EM) simulation is skyrocketing due to the complexity of antenna designs, the relentless surge of digital bus speeds, and the insatiable appetite for higher frequencies driven by technologies like 5G. Our simulations offer a way to minimize physical prototypes, assess digital bus speeds, and optimize power usage. 

By seamlessly integrating EM simulation into the product development process, we streamline the fine-tuning of prototypes. This eliminates the need for redundant iterations and significantly accelerates development cycles compared to traditional methods. 

Whether you are embarking on a broader electronics product development journey or have specific simulation needs, our team of EM simulation experts is ready to assist you in achieving your goals. Our mission is to help our customers "get it right the first time." 

3D radiation: covering every angle

Our expertise extends to 3D radiation simulations, covering everything from antenna simulations to radio coverage and wireless power transfer. We employ advanced techniques like Shielding Effectiveness and SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) analysis. 

With our antenna simulations, we ensure optimal utilization of available space and guarantee peak performance across diverse environments. We harness the power of ANSYS tools while remaining adaptable to your specific preferences. 

For RF circuit analysis, we utilize RF circuit simulators to fine-tune impedance matching and optimize critical parameters such as amplifier stability, linearity, gain, and noise figure. Monte Carlo analysis helps identify cost-effective tolerance values, ensuring your designs meet stringent standards. 

Power integrity: ensuring peak performance

Our services include PCB resonant mode analysis, IR-Drop analysis, and an in-depth examination of the power distribution network to enhance product performance. Early-phase power integrity simulations are instrumental in preventing a multitude of PCB design-related issues. 

Resonance analysis reveals potential power integrity concerns, enabling proactive measures like decoupling capacitor tuning and resonance structure elimination. We rely on trusted tools such as ANSYS for power integrity simulations to ensure your high-speed interfaces comply with industry standards. 

Signal integrity: early detection for optimal PCB design

Our simulations excel at detecting potential signal integrity issues early in the design process, ensuring the creation of optimal PCB layouts. Our methods encompass both 2.5D and 3D high-speed simulations in the frequency domain. 

We address characteristics such as impedance, return loss, insertion loss, FEXT (Far-End Crosstalk), NEXT (Near-End Crosstalk), intrapair phase difference, group delay in the frequency domain. In the time domain, we analyze metrics like eye diagrams with IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification) data including Peak ISI (Inter-Symbol Interference), Noise margin, and Jitter. 

To accurately model single-ended or differential characteristic impedance within various structures ranging from cable cross-sections to intricate PCB layouts, we rely on our 2D field solver. This precision in design and performance is achieved using ANSYS tools. 

RF & mmWave expertise: optimizing performance

In the area of RF and mmWave (millimeter-wave) design, we leverage RF circuit and system simulations to optimize stability, linearity, gain, and noise figure in amplifiers. Our expertise extends across RF circuit and system simulations, ensuring your designs meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. 

Power electronics mastery: tackling DC resistance and capacitance

Our capabilities extend to power electronics, where we delve into DC resistance and capacitance analysis. We address and mitigate skin and proximity effects to achieve superior performance and efficiency in power electronic systems. 

When it comes to EM simulations, our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your success in achieving the highest standards of excellence from the outset of your project. Contact us today! 

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