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Personnel and leadership development, career opportunities, and equality are at the core of  Etteplan’s human resource management. Highly competent and committed employees whose well-being is valued and prioritized are our most important asset. Our people are behind the creation of customer value as well as solutions that deliver broader value to society. 

Social Responsibility

The cornerstones of human resource management at Etteplan are the company’s values, Code of Conduct, and HR policy. Etteplan also adheres to local policies and guidelines based on legislation, best practices, and cultural considerations. Etteplan’s human resource policy and key management principles are the same in all operating countries and are based on our values. We ensure the development of Etteplan employees’ competence and leadership, providing career opportunities, and the equal treatment of employees.  

Social Targets

Etteplan’s social responsibility targets and action plans are based on our 2023 Double Materiality assessment.

Happy DEIs

Etteplan introduced the Happy DEIs initiative in late 2022 as a collaborative effort to enhance employee engagement, learning, and well-being. DEIs stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion, which reflects Etteplan's commitment to creating an inclusive workplace environment that attracts individuals from diverse backgrounds. The organization recognizes that employees who experience high levels of well-being are crucial assets and contribute to its competitiveness. These individuals bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our solutions, fostering a community where everyone's voice is valued.