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Balancing work and leisure

Find balance between work and leisure with Etteplan. We prioritize well-being and personal development alongside professional growth, promoting workplace ergonomics for physical and mental regeneration.

Finding a balance between work and leisure is essential for overall well-being and productivity. At Etteplan, we understand the importance of this balance and strive to support our employees in achieving it.

What do we mean by a balance between work and leisure here at Etteplan?

We prioritize our employees' well-being, regeneration, and development. One way we do this is by ensuring that their workload is reasonable. We believe that highly competent and committed employees with a high level of well-being are what make Etteplan grow.

Flexibility is another aspect that contributes to work-life balance. We embrace hybrid working arrangements, allowing our employees to work from different locations and have flexible schedules. This flexibility enables them to better manage their time and responsibilities outside of work.

Supporting our employees in different life situations is also crucial for us. As a family-friendly workplace, we encourage our employees to take leave according to local practices. We provide tools and resources to help prioritize family needs, including parental leave when necessary.

How do we support our employees in practice?

At Etteplan, we have various practices in place to support well-being and the balance between work and leisure. Our employees have access to sports and culture perks that vary by country due to local legislation and customs. Additionally, we foster a sense of community through activities such as sports teams, ranging from football to e-sports.

In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, we regularly evaluate employee satisfaction through internal surveys like FuturETTE. The feedback helps us understand how supervisors can better support their teams by offering challenging projects aligned with personal growth and development goals.

Occupational health and safety are paramount at Etteplan. We continuously strive to harmonize processes, tools, and methods across offices and customer companies for optimal working conditions. Occupational healthcare is organized according to local legislation and operating culture in each country where we operate.

Etteplan GO! challenge promotes team spirit and wellness

To promote team spirit and wellness, we have introduced the Etteplan GO! challenge – an exciting community-oriented campaign focused on physical activity. This initiative not only encourages movement but also fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness among our employees.

At Etteplan, we believe that a balance between work and leisure is vital for the overall well-being and success of our employees. By providing support, flexibility, and opportunities for personal growth, we empower our workforce to thrive both personally and professionally.

We ensure a balance between work and leisure by making sure our employees’ workload is reasonable. Well-being, regeneration, and development go hand in hand. Workplace ergonomics and internal communication that supports building the workplace community are also important themes for us. We welcome hybrid working in many situations and actively support ways of working that make it easier to balance work and leisure. Highly competent and committed employees with a high level of well-being are what make Etteplan grow.