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Production Solutions

Transform your production performance with Etteplan's Production solutions. Our expertise in assembly optimization, digital twins, virtual commissioning, robotics and more have the potential to transform your operations. Maximize efficiency, improve quality, increase flexibility, reduce costs, and shorten lead times.

At Etteplan, we offer comprehensive Production Solutions that cover the complete product lifecycle, from design and development to testing and validation. Our capabilities include digital twin, robotics, mechanical engineering, assembly optimization, production and qualification tooling, assembly equipment, testing solutions, and Joining and Bonding.

Etteplan delivers Automation and Robotics solutions that maximize your production performance in terms of efficiency and quality. Our expertise in assembly optimization, manual and automated assembly equipment, joining & bonding, and virtual commissioning sets us apart. With our collaborative approach and strong point of view on driving meaningful progress, we are ready to challenge the status quo to bring lasting change across various sectors.

Key offering

One of our key offerings is the development of digital twins - simulation models that predict how your machine or product behaves. By simulating specific parts or entire processes, our digital twins provide real-time insights that improve decision-making. This enables us to collect valuable user experience data early on, saving costs and reducing lead times. Additionally, our virtual commissioning models ensure thorough testing of highly automated production lines and control systems before commissioning. By simulating safety and functionality, we prevent costly design configurations and launch delays.

Embracing digital twin engineering and virtual commissioning leads to remarkable results. Prototype costs can be reduced by up to 30 to 50 percent, while product design lead time can be shortened by 20 to 30 percent based on results from previous projects. Communication among product development experts becomes easier through our simulation models as everyone can work on the same model, fostering a shared understanding of the product.

Unlock the full potential of your engineering production with Etteplan. Our Production Solutions will accelerate your product development, increase efficiency, and improve quality. Contact us today to start your transformation.

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