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Compliance Consulting

Are you looking to ensure that your products are compliant with the necessary standards and regulations? At Etteplan, we offer comprehensive compliance consulting services that guide you through market access requirements and manufacturer obligations, including recycling during the product's life cycle. Our compliance consulting extends to helping you create product documentation and maintaining it during design changes.

Stay compliant with the latest regulations and standards with our expert team

At the heart of essential standards and regulations for product compliance, our team of experts stays up-to-date on regulations and closely follows various organizations and EU harmonization statuses. We provide the latest information on compliance to help you navigate the complex landscape. 

We have a comprehensive library of EU and international standards for wireless, electronics, safety, military, and environmental testing. As members of REDCA with access to the EU CIRCAB collaborative platform, we stay aligned with RED Notified Bodies. Our Test Laboratory has agreements to receive radio module manufacturer insight data, reducing the extent and number of tests required. Through our global partners, we have access to worldwide type approvals, test laboratories, and regulatory systems. 

Streamline product development with a comprehensive compliance strategy

Creating a compliance strategy is crucial for successful product development. We help you build a systematic approach by identifying relevant requirements and creating test plans. Our expertise extends to assessing combined and multi-radio product requirements and providing risk assessments and guidance for creating product documentation. 

In addition to strategy development, we offer comprehensive test management services. We track testing progress and support in resolving any issues that may arise during testing. If certain tests are not available in our portfolio, we leverage our partner labs to procure them for you. Our experts ensure seamless coordination between internal and external labs. 

How Etteplan can solve your compliance questions

With our deep understanding of global standards, we help you achieve market access worldwide. Whether you are entering local markets or targeting countries that follow EU, North American, or international wireless and other standards, we ensure that your compliance strategy is tailored for success. 

As your single point of contact, we can assist with shipping requirements for lithium batteries, packaging design and testing, and more. Our goal is to simplify the compliance process so that you can focus on bringing your products to market confidently. 

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