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Etteplan delivers comprehensive Automation and Robotics solutions for machines, plants and production lines and maximizes your production performance in terms of efficiency and quality. We do this through a unique combination of expertise with respect to assembly optimization, manual and automated assembly equipment, joining & bonding, and virtual commissioning.

Our experts are proficient in the latest automation systems, from various programmable logic controller systems (PLC) to distributed control systems (DCS) and quality control systems (QCS). We have designed and implemented several robotics, testing and production line solutions to increase the scalability and quality of the manufacturing process. Our expert services include control systems, software and electrical engineering, testing, assembly supervision and commissioning services.

Factory automation services

Etteplan is a leading expert in the field of industrial robotics used in manual and automated production cells and production lines. We are also experienced in designing and implementing automation solutions for the production lines and test cells of the manufacturing industry.

We can provide automation services for the entire production line according to the highest functional safety requirements.

Machine automation services

Etteplan offers industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers a full range of engineering services for developing and manufacturing machines and equipment. Our solutions meet the strictest safety requirements and are developed using the latest tools and technologies. We take a modular approach to software, machinery and equipment design allowing for full reusability of the components, making it a cost-effective solution for the customer.

Getting it right with virtual commissioning

Testing highly automated production lines and control systems prior to commissioning without proper simulation often leads to costly corrective design configurations and, in turn, delayed launch schedules. We design virtual commissioning models for our customers’ industrial machinery to ensure proper safety and functionality of machines and production lines before they are commissioned. Virtual commissioning helps shorten planning and commissioning lead times and save costs.

A multidisciplinary team at your service

Besides completing projects and turn-key deliveries, we can also provide expert capacity to our client base. We understand what you are looking for because we have over four decades of expertise within your field.

Our mechatronic engineers are therefore indispensable and essential. Within our projects, they tie it all together: the mechanical, electrical and software aspects of our tangible solutions. Focused on robotics and industrial automation, our mechatronics are there for you during the entire process, from the first few sketches all the way up to even beyond the finish.

To make these machines work, PLC programmers are required. Their skill set is considered unique: a logical and methodological way of thinking, extensive and up-to-date knowledge of machinery-related fields and, more than anything, large doses of creativity and empathy. To get a machine working and maximize your production performance, the user's perspective must be taken as the jumping-off point. To complete successfully, a meticulous start is essential. Therefore, our PLC programmers are part of Etteplan’ s multidisciplinary team from the very beginning and onwards.

Our experienced project managers always take full responsibility for Etteplan’s projects: ‘Unburdening’ is the absolute key. They are result-oriented, and pragmatic as ever, but never overlook the human aspects. Regarding machine building, joining, and bonding, optimizing assembly processes, and maximizing production performance, our project managers lead the way, with an awareness of the importance of communication.

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