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Organizational Carbon Footprint

With the aid of Etteplan’s organizational carbon footprint calculation, you can identify the factors causing the most significant greenhouse gas emissions and determine how the carbon footprint can be lowered. The results of the organizational carbon footprint calculation can be used as part of sustainability communication and reporting, to support emissions reductions target setting, and as a metric for monitoring the emissions.

Organizational carbon footprint describes the annual climate impact caused by the activities of your company or organization. The carbon footprint includes all greenhouse gas emissions caused by your organization's own operations and activities directly related to its value chain, regardless of the size of the company or organization. The organizational carbon footprint calculation is carried out according to the guidelines of Greenhouse gas protocol (GHG Protocol) or ISO 14064, which supports taxonomy reporting.

Setting and monitoring climate goals are essential for successful and sustainable business operations

Setting a climate target both concretizes and brings credibility to your organization's climate work and enables the continuity of successful business operations. Climate goals can be, for example, science-based targets, which refer to emissions reduction targets aligned with the latest climate science (the Paris Agreement). Science-based targets for organizations are set and submitted in accordance with the criteria of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

We support and facilitate progress and communication of organizations' climate work with customized tools: annual carbon footprint calculation and tools for monitoring the progress of actions and tracking essential metrics. In addition, we offer detailed scenario analysis to support forecasting and projecting future emissions development. Read more about our customized sustainability tools. Annual organizational carbon footprint calculation and monitoring tools ensure that the right actions are taken, and emission reductions and other set targets are achieved on time.

When looking for guidance on setting and achieving climate goals, whether they are science-based targets, carbon neutrality goals, or other climate objectives, we are here to help.

A climate roadmap helps to outline ways to reduce the organizational carbon footprint

A tailored climate roadmap is the solution we offer for illustrating the actions leading to reductions in organizational carbon footprint and showing progress towards the set climate goal. To draw up a roadmap, together with the key experts of the organization, we identify and brainstorm measures in workshops, define the timeline for implementation, and identify responsibilities to reduce the carbon footprint. The emissions reductions resulted by the actions are estimated numerically using scenario analysis.

Updating the roadmap, along with emissions monitoring, supports your organization’s climate work by highlighting successes as well as areas for improvement.

If you are interested in determining your company's carbon footprint and your possibilities of reducing it, please contact us.  We are happy to discuss more about how we can support your climate efforts.

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