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Battery Development

We support customers looking for safe, reliable, and cost-efficient battery solutions with optimal performance. Our services cover portable power (e.g., consumer electronics, medical applications, and power tools), traction batteries (e.g., electric and hybrid vehicles and trucks), and stationary batteries used in UPS and energy storage systems. We have competencies in battery expertise, regulations, compliance, product safety knowledge, and embedded electronics and software development know-how.

Industry-leading battery technology expertise from Etteplan – Engineering with a difference

Etteplan’s battery technology experts are professionals with long-term industrial and academic backgrounds in electrochemical power sources and energy storage solutions such as batteries, fuel cells, and ultra-capacitors. Our in-depth knowledge of technology and extensive product development and engineering know-how give us a strong intuitive advantage in solving demanding battery challenges.

Power system design for various industries

Etteplan’s experts excel in designing power systems for a range of industries. This includes automotive, mobile work machines, consumer products like electronics, medical and healthcare devices, and a wide variety of industrial applications. We have regulatory expertise to guide customers through regulatory processes and ensure compliance with battery transport and recycling regulations.

Battery development process

Our expertise and efficient battery development process enable us to bring products to market quickly. With a deep understanding of various energy storage options, we can identify the most suitable battery solution for your specific needs. Our extensive experience in assisting customers with challenges allows us to determine requirements and define technical specifications, ensuring optimal product performance and cost-effectiveness.

Optimizing battery design for product performance

The design of the power system directly impacts battery performance. We help design the right power system focusing on what is important for you. Whether it's battery longevity, use time, recharge time, speed, predictability, or reliability, our experts can optimize the design to meet your goals.

Battery safety solutions

Severe battery failures can result in explosions and fires, and the root cause behind battery failure is often complex. Our experts have extensive experience in performing failure investigations and destructive analysis of batteries. We can help you in product development by conducting design reviews and risk assessments to prevent failures and ensure safety.

Regulatory compliance for battery products

Regulatory requirements can be overwhelming when it comes to battery products and batteries. Etteplan has extensive experience in navigating the regulations governing battery products and can help you meet the testing and documentation required to release your product to the market and transport it safely. By engaging Etteplan, you can save costs, speed up time-to-market, and reduce regulatory risks.

Battery development in electrification

Electrification presents a multifaceted challenge for companies. To succeed, they must possess expertise in battery technology, charging infrastructure, electric motors, as well as adhere to regulatory requirements, safety standards, and cybersecurity measures. Understanding the entire value chain from raw materials to recycling is crucial. At Etteplan, our experts bring extensive industrial and academic backgrounds in electrochemical power sources and energy storage solutions. We tackle complex battery challenges with our battery technology knowledge and robust product development skills while prioritizing safety and performance. Our regulatory proficiency ensures market access and compliance, while our efficient development process guarantees swift solutions.

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