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Customized Sustainability Tools

At Etteplan, we understand that concrete actions are needed to effectively manage climate work and achieve emissions reductions. That's why we offer customized sustainability tools designed to help organizations navigate the complexities of sustainability. Our customized sustainability tools include climate roadmaps and carbon footprint calculators. We also offer templates and tools for managing environmental impacts.

Creating a climate roadmap helps in sustainability reporting and reducing the carbon footprint

Our tailored climate roadmap is a tool that can guide your organization towards sustainable operations by providing clarity, setting achievable goals, and facilitating environmental responsibility communication. Our climate roadmaps present the current state of your company's carbon footprint, outline climate goals, and provide a roadmap of measures needed to achieve emission reductions.

The creation of the climate roadmap involves workshops, where together with your organization’s key personnel, measures are identified and planned, and the implementation schedule and responsible parties are appointed to reduce the carbon footprint. The emission reductions achieved through these actions are assessed numerically through scenario analysis. Updating the roadmap alongside the emission monitoring supports your climate work and highlights successes, as well as points out areas for improvement.

Scenario analysis helps to assess the potential changes in the carbon footprint

The emissions reductions achieved with the measures defined in the climate roadmap are numerically assessed using scenario analysis. Scenarios are used to assess the potential changes in the carbon footprint, which helps in setting climate targets and evaluating the adequacy of measures in relation to the established goals.

Organizational carbon footprint calculations, national and international climate policies, and the impact of identified measures on the assumed emission development of the organization are used to support the scenario analysis. The emission impacts of the measures are calculated based on available data and assumptions. Typically, a baseline scenario takes into account anticipated changes in the operating environment, such as biofuel distribution obligations brought by legislation, as well as carbon-neutral development of energy production.

Carbon footprint calculators enable independent assessment of climate impacts in your company

We develop customized tools, calculators and calculation templates for calculating the carbon footprints at both corporate and product levels, regardless of the industry. At its simplest, the tools are spreadsheet calculation templates, but we also implement calculators that utilize automation, web applications and systems that can be integrated tightly with your organization's other monitoring systems (Power BI, financial monitoring systems, etc.).

With carbon footprint calculation and monitoring tools, you can be assured that the right things are done, and emissions reductions and other set goals are achieved on time. We follow life cycle assessment standards and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) in our tools and templates.

Customized sustainability tools and templates for managing environmental impacts

In addition to climate roadmaps and carbon footprint calculators, we also provide templates and tools for managing other environmental impacts. These resources can be tailored to your specific needs and help you stay on track with your sustainability goals.

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