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Antenna and IOP Testing 

Do you know the radio performance of your device? In today's world of increasing wireless communication demands driven by the Internet of Things, the proper functionality of your device's antenna is crucial. At Etteplan Test Laboratory, we specialize in Antenna and Interoperability (IOP) testing to ensure your device works optimally across various environments, and that the correct antenna is selected.

Why antenna testing matters 

An efficient antenna design not only enhances performance but can also significantly reduce power consumption, extending your device's battery life. It's essential that your radio device, be it a cellular phone or any wireless system, works reliably even in challenging conditions with low reception strength. 

Our state-of-the-art Satimo Stargate 64 measurement chamber is used for both active and passive antenna performance testing across a frequency range of 300 MHz to 6 GHz. We cover a wide range of radio technologies, including CDMA, WCDMA, LTE/LTE M1/LTE NB-IoT, GSM, Bluetooth, and WLAN. 

IOP testing for immunity and reliability 

Devices operating in environments with multiple RF systems can experience disturbances and interference. Our IOP testing helps identify and address these challenges. We measure interferences from various sources such as power, data buses, clock signals, processors, screens, memory circuits—both internal and external. This testing is especially crucial for critical applications like medical equipment. 

Our testing process 

  • Kick-off: We meet to discuss your needs, demonstrate the device, and agree on the test parameters. 
  • Measuring your antenna: Your device’s antenna is tested in our cutting-edge antenna measurement chamber. You can participate in the measurements or join via video connection. 
  • Report and Review: You receive a comprehensive report, including 2D/3D radiation patterns, antenna gain, efficiency, or Total Radiated Sensitivity/Power (TRS/TIS & TRP) results based on the tests. We review the results in a meeting, providing a short performance evaluation. The test report is delivered within a week, and we can discuss antenna optimization if needed. 

At Etteplan, we hold top-tier expertise to help you enhance your device's performance. Don't leave your device's wireless capabilities to chance. Contact us today for thorough Antenna and IOP testing to ensure your device operates flawlessly in diverse environments. 

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