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Customers often tell us: “At last, a group of experts that really understands our industry.” We take this as a compliment, but it doesn’t surprise us. Because whether you’re designing a new plant, machinery, products or even a service, there’s a strong likelihood that we have deep industry domain expertise in this area.

ICT and High-Tech

  • Multi-Faceted Expertise

Etteplan provides high-value solutions for the ICT and High-Tech industries, whether this includes designing and implementing a business-critical system or taking care of a major system integration.

Medical Technology

  • New technologies

The MedTech industry is growing rapidly as the healthcare sector adopts new technologies. Etteplan creates MedTech devices that make a difference.

Energy and Power Transmission

  • Renewables

Renewable energy and reducing the customer’s energy footprint and total energy costs are at the core of Etteplan’s extensive expertise in energy and power transmission.

Aerospace and Defence

Etteplan has been serving organizations specialized in defense and security products and services as well as agencies and authorities providing materials and systems to civil and military organizations for almost 50 years.

Automotive and Transportation

With its state-of-the-art facilities and expertise, Etteplan sets the direction for safe, sustainable and smart mobility and transportation.


Etteplan is your multidisciplinary strategic partner in the continuously changing field of consumer products. We can act as your strategic design and engineering partner and are here to speed up your journey.

Forest, Pulp and Paper

Etteplan has over 30 years of experience in designing equipment, machinery and industrial plants for the forest, pulp and paper industry.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Etteplan is a seasoned expert in industrial machinery and equipment development. We meet the needs of each client with the wide scope of our solutions in engineering, software, embedded system development, and technical documentation.

Lifting and Hoisting

Etteplan is a trusted partner to leading companies in the lifting and hoisting industry worldwide. We have helped our customers succeed in launching innovative products featuring the latest technologies.


Etteplan has strong industry domain knowledge in the metal industry and can provide you with expert services in engineering, digitalization and technical documentation.

Mining and Materials Handling

Mining is without a doubt one of the most complex industries in the world. We deliver market-leading solutions that help you improve performance, minimize risks, and reduce environmental impact.

Offshore and Marine

We know the engineering requirements for cruise ships, ferries, RoPax vessels, cargo ships and tankers, icebreaking vessels and research vessels, and we help customers meet the technical safety requirements and regulations concerning each type of ship.