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Open Positions

As a technology service company, we bring people and technology together to change things for the better. For creating solutions positively impacting our everyday life, we need diverse people, expertise, and collaboration. Together with our customers, we are building the world we wish to see. Explore our openings and become part of a culture which believes in collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Our values – forward focus, bold thinking, smarter together – set the foundation for our culture. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your career, Etteplan is where your next adventure might be just around the corner. Your journey starts here!

Engineering Solutions

Engineering – this is how our story started. Today the service offering consists of various fields such as mechanical, plant, electrical, and automation engineering as well as life cycle assessment, among many others. Get to know the wide variety of our opportunities, and find your place here!

Software and Embedded Solutions

Etteplan’s Software and Embedded experts help our customers cross industries in digitalizing their business from requirement specifications to solution development and implementation. Ex-plore our openings, and dive into the variety of exciting projects – your adventure starts here!

Technical Communication Solutions

Our Technical Communication experts work on providing services and offering solutions for businesses in various industries. Become part of our team passionate about technical documenta-tion, visualization, digital solutions, and more!

Group Functions

Etteplan’s Group Functions cover all the functions playing an important role in business support. Our expertise is broad, ranging from versatile daily business support till strategic operations. HR, finance, IT, marketing and communications as well as other types of business support roles await you here!

Meet your colleagues

I am very grateful for the opportunities and assignments I have had, even though I don’t have an extensive years-long career history yet. Such opportunities have definitely been a big plus about working at Etteplan. I’m happy about the experience and all the learnings I’ve been able to bring to my current role after returning to Finland

Marko Merikko, Documentation Specialist

Nothing has been impossible to solve, the interest in technology and the desire for employees to develop has always been there.

Viktor Neuman, Test Engineer

Our fuel is humor, community and generosity, both in terms of knowledge and friendship.

Melissa Wieslander, Techincal writer

While working at Etteplan, I have never felt pressure or stress. Of course, I would worry when a project was nearing completion and about to be implemented. However, it was never stress in the negative sense of the word

Szymon Kacperek, Software Design Engineer

I was interested in the scope of responsibilities and the fact that I worked on real tasks,

Bartosz Hornicki, Software Design Engineer

You are appreciated a lot and have the opportunity to prove yourself

Jens Struckmann, Group Manager