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Unlock the power of captivating content with Etteplan's HyperSTE. Achieve clarity, consistency, and cost savings in your technical documentation. Streamline your writing process, adhere to industry standards, and enhance user experience. Join the global leaders who trust HyperSTE for impactful results.

Elevate your content with HyperSTE

Improve your end users' experience with engaging content that is clear, concise, and consistent, while optimizing costs. With Etteplan's HyperSTE Content Quality Checker, you can achieve standardization of your organization's technical documentation and improve the quality of texts and translations.

Etteplan offers comprehensive professional implementation services for both SaaS and on-premises versions, in addition to their HyperSTE software. Our experts provide training for technical writers and editors, focusing on producing clear, consistent, and concise documentation while also reducing translation costs. At Etteplan, our experts also assist in creating a corporate dictionary to ensure the consistent use of company-specific terminology.

HyperSTE is the leading software for ensuring content quality and compliance with Simplified Technical English (STE) standards. As an interactive review tool for authors and a quality measurement tool for editors, HyperSTE ensures compliance with corporate terminology and style guide rules. It integrates seamlessly with popular authoring applications such as Word, Arbortext, FrameMaker, Oxygen, Flare, and InDesign.

From clear content to efficient translation: Experience the benefits of Etteplan's HyperSTE for cost reduction and quality enhancement

By using HyperSTE, you can realize numerous benefits:

  • Achieve cost savings of up to 30% on translation and localization.
  • Reduce word count by up to 40% as authors learn to focus on user-relevant content.
  • Improve text and translation quality and experience increased efficiency.
  • Shorten product cycle time by up to 30% and get to market faster.
  • Reduce overall documentation costs by up to 40% – without sacrificing quality.
  • Seamlessly convert existing documents to the standardized format.

HyperSTE is available in two versions: HyperSTE On-Premises and HyperSTE Cloud. The cloud-based solution, offered as software-as-a-service, is ideal for technical writing freelancers, smaller user groups as well as large enterprise user groups, and offers flexible pricing and support models. Simply install the plugin and manage your organization's terms, rates, and profiles through HyperSTE's intuitive cloud portal. Alternatively, if you prefer a private cloud or on-premises installation, the on-premises version of HyperSTE is available. Contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Transform documentation practices with Etteplan's HyperSTE training and software

Since 2002, Etteplan's HyperSTE has been successfully utilized in various industries worldwide. HyperSTE has empowered numerous technical writers and SMEs to create high-quality documentation. Some notable clients that have benefited from our services include Rolls-Royce, Gulfstream, Elekta, Electrolux, and AGCO.

To enhance the quality of content and achieve efficiencies and cost savings, join Etteplan's satisfied customers by revolutionizing your documentation practices with HyperSTE. Contact us now to discover how our customized solutions can make a difference in your communication with your audience.

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