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Digital Information Management 

Etteplan provides comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to harness the potential of their technical product information. Our impactful offerings enable you to effectively manage and leverage extensive content, transforming it into an asset that gives you a competitive edge. With an array of tools for content creation and delivery, as well as expertise in content development and localization, we support you throughout your digital transformation journey. Entrust us with optimizing your information workflow, ensuring secure storage, and enhancing user experience.

Digitize your technical product information with Etteplan

Etteplan can help you transform your technical product information into an asset that gives you a competitive edge. Every product comes with a wealth of supporting technical information - from specifications and user manuals to online guides and troubleshooting resources. However, managing this vast amount of content and making it easily accessible to the right users is a significant challenge. 

At Etteplan, we understand the complexity of handling thousands or even millions of pieces of technical product information for different products. Without proper information management tools, it becomes nearly impossible to keep track of everything and quickly find the information you need. Fortunately, with our state-of-the-art information management tools, finding the correct version of relevant information becomes effortless. 

When information is easily accessible, it can be reused efficiently, resulting in substantial cost savings. Reusable information eliminates the need for repeated writing or translation efforts and frees up valuable resources. With our innovative information management tools, we reduce the burden of managing extensive amounts of data and enable you to maintain a consistent style throughout all your content for a seamless brand experience. 

Protect confidential data with Etteplan's secure information management systems

Effective information management goes beyond storage and tracking attributes; it also involves ensuring that each piece of data is only visible to authorized individuals or groups to protect confidential or restricted material. At Etteplan, we strike a balance between implementing necessary security measures while still allowing for normal use of general information. Our flexible access rights system grants different levels of permissions for storing, modifying, or deleting information according to individual needs. 

To support your technical information management needs effectively, Etteplan offers a range of services. We collaborate with cutting-edge technology partners to develop information management tools, assist in selecting and implementing suitable solutions, and even create custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We recognize the significance of securely managing and storing information throughout the product lifecycle, including maintaining a comprehensive version history. 

Streamline your information management process with Etteplan's integrated workflow solutions

Our services encompass content management, translation and localization expertise, proficiency in DITA and structured documentation for efficient information reuse, creation of intelligent content, enhancement of existing content maturity, and digitization of current information. Additionally, we help establish integrated content workflow solutions to streamline and optimize your information management process. 

By partnering with Etteplan, you can fully harness the power of your technical product information and gain a competitive advantage. We assist your company in thriving in the digital age by driving innovation and achieving sustainable success. Together with Etteplan's expertise, you can unlock the true potential of your technical product information

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