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Order to Delivery

A thoroughly optimized Order-to-Delivery process drives customer value and cultivates trust and loyalty among your business customers. It opens the door to powerful strategic advantages, including improved agility, supply chain quality, data-driven operational efficiency, and, ultimately, increased market share.

Driving Customer Value Through Customization

Refining your Order-to-Delivery capabilities can elevate your company from a conventional supplier to an invaluable strategic partner for your clients. For technology and system suppliers as well as equipment and components manufacturers, the performance of their Order-to-Delivery processes often stands at the epicenter of this difference. 

At Etteplan, we understand the unique needs of B2B Suppliers in order-to-delivery process: the quest for operational efficiency and flexibility, the need to gather and track information of the installed base and the rigorous quality control management to mention a few. 

Our expertise combines hardware and software engineering, embedded systems, processes, and technical information in a unique way. We create operational capabilities and provide efficient services to ensure a seamless customer experience from when the end-customer places their order to the moment it is delivered and handed over. 

Why partner with Etteplan for Order-to-Delivery Solutions

We do more than provide a service; we partner with you and adapt to your end-customer and project-specific requirements to engineer customized solutions which comply with legislation, industry standards, safety, and cybersecurity regulations. 

Our managed services adapt to your project models and working methods, reflecting our commitment to one-stop-shopping and consolidated, agile service solutions. Thanks to our nearshoring and offshoring capabilities, we can provide the same services anywhere in the world. 

We are technology-agnostic, our service delivery is continuous and provides superior integration capabilities for software-intensive solutions. Our services seamlessly integrate with your processes, providing adaptable solutions that can easily scale to meet customer demands. 

Etteplan’s services for seamless Order-to-Delivery

User Experience and product configuration

We help you to showcase the value and demonstrate complex system operation and features to your customer with the help of Virtual Showrooms and Digital Twins. We determine the optimal configuration or combination of options that best aligns with your customer needs, constraints, and preferences. With the help of requirements engineering, spare parts cataloging, and integration services you can modularize, standardize and automate your offer creation in terms of products, solutions, and sales features.


Customizing and engineering unique solutions based on specific customer needs require close collaboration, specialized expertise, and tailored project management. Our detail engineering services like mechanical and electrical engineering, engineering analysis and product information expertise answer to these needs.

Software delivery

We provide you with a user-centric service design approach to developing digital solutions and tools which support users to manage customer relationships, orders, and projects better. When the project-specific software configuration and design require testing and delivery, our configuration, integration, and implementation abilities ensure a smooth deployment.

Acceptance testing

Our testing services help you to verify and validate system solutions throughout the process, both off-site and on-site, to minimize defects. With the help of digital commissioning and software testing, FAT and SAT testing the technical and user acceptance can be carried out as part of the process.

Installation, commissioning and training

Installation and commissioning are crucial phases in implementing a new system or sub-system. Our site management, installation supervision, and commissioning support services help transform the equipment delivery into a functional and operational reality while ensuring that it meets the intended specifications and performance requirements.

Our digital training services, such as e-learning tools, technical documentation platform Etteplan HowTo, and Digital Twin services, help you to provide effective learning and training solutions to operators and end-users of your products.

Technical information

We help you collect, compile, produce, and manage all technical information starting from the engineering of your product or plant, right up until its modernization or recycling. Project-specific data and documentation are collected and compiled quickly and efficiently with our project information solutions.

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