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Mechanical Engineering

We provide mechanical engineering services throughout the entire product life cycle. Mechanical engineering is essential for product development, production, assembly, delivery, maintenance, and service. We utilize various methods such as Design for Manufacturing (DfM), Design for Assembly (DfA), Design for Cost/Procurement (DfC/DfP), and Design for Testability (DfT). With over 40 years of expertise and a range of resources, we offer the latest knowledge and industry experience.

Our mechanical engineering services

At Etteplan, we offer comprehensive mechanical engineering services covering all stages of the product life cycle. From concept design to commercialization and out-phasing, our global network of mechanical engineers provides diverse expertise and fast service. We utilize a wide range of tools in 3D modeling software and the latest technologies in the market to meet our customers' needs.

Key competencies

Our mechanical engineers possess key competencies that enable us to deliver exceptional results:

  • Proficiency in mechanical CAD (Computer Aided Design) models and drawings.
  • Understanding of production processes.
  • Expertise in design for different manufacturing methods and tools.
  • The ability to perform and utilize strength calculations for optimization.

Advanced techniques for optimal results

We leverage advanced mechanical engineering techniques like Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) to maximize customer value. By optimizing product structure and streamlining manufacturing and assembly processes, we ensure efficient operations. Additionally, we promote component and sub-assembly reusability to gain cost advantages throughout the product lifecycle.

Product development solutions

When it comes to product development challenges, our mechanical engineers are experts at finding the best solutions. With a focus on engineering quality, innovative problem-solving, and fast lead times, we deliver exceptional results. Our transparent and cost-effective approach allows us to plan projects in phases, making informed decisions based on the outcome of each individual phase. We also have long-term partnerships in the manufacturing industry, enabling us to help take your products into production.

Engineer-to-Order services

Etteplan provides Engineer-to-Order services where we tailor products according to specific requirements and regulations. By entrusting us with responsibility for the entire Engineer-to-Order service or any part of it, you can focus on your core business while we ensure timely delivery and adherence to agreed schedules.

Product maintenance and support

Maintaining and optimizing product performance during and after production is critical. Our engineering support services are designed to keep your products competitive throughout their lifecycle. We provide prompt and expert assistance, ensuring that product information remains current and readily available.

  • steel structures
  • sheet metal applications
  • plastic molding
  • machine elements and layouts
  • composite structures
  • hydraulics
  • pneumatics
  • pressure equipment
  • strength calculations
  • FEM (finite element method) and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) calculations
  • precision mechanics
  • surface treatment
  • manufacturing technologies
  • ATEX
  • tolerance analyses
  • packaging design
  • safety standards

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