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Control Systems Development

Etteplan has extensive knowledge of Control Systems development in many aspects. Whether you require customized Control System components, commercial Control System platforms, or HMI/SCADA development, we can serve as your trusted partner, delivering tailored solutions for your specific needs while also considering cyber security measures.

Experts in control systems development

At Etteplan, we are experts in control systems development. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we specialize in various areas including factory automation, production control systems, machine controlling, and process control and measurement technologies. Our expertise spans a range of technology platforms, architectures, and cyber security requirements, allowing us to provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

Simulation-driven development

One of our key strengths is simulation-driven development. Unlike traditional manual testing methods, which rely on human testers executing test cases manually to identify defects or issues in the system, we leverage simulation models for a more automated and comprehensive approach to testing. Using model-based system engineering and digital twin technologies, we create virtual replicas of your system to simulate its behavior under different conditions. This allows us to refine the design before implementation, saving time and minimizing risks. Simulation-driven development is also utilized in factory automation with the same benefits.

Functional descriptions and requirement specifications

In addition to simulation-driven development, we use functional descriptions based on requirement specifications. These serve as blueprints for the control system's functionalities, ensuring that all necessary criteria are met. By meticulously documenting these requirements, we guarantee that the final system meets your expectations. Furthermore, we assist in selecting suitable technologies for implementation based on your industry-specific needs and preferences. We recommend appropriate hardware and software components that align with your project goals. Once the architecture and technology are determined, our selected framework uses application design and coding to seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructures. Rigorous testing is an integral part of our development process to ensure reliability and functionality.

Technology selection and implementation

We employ both manual verification techniques and test automation methodologies to ensure thorough coverage across a variety of technology platforms and architectures. Our expertise covers customized Embedded System solutions, as well as various PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) and factory-level DCSs (Distributed Control Systems). In some cases, we leverage virtual environments for efficient testing without interrupting ongoing operations (Digital twin). Our services extend to factory acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance testing (SAT), formal procedures that involve validating the control systems against predefined criteria and ensuring their smooth operation in real-world scenarios. By adhering to these acceptance tests, we provide you with peace of mind knowing that your control systems are fully functional and ready for deployment.

With our expertise in simulation-driven design, functional descriptions, control system architecture, technology selection, application design and coding, rigorous testing, and acceptance testing services, we facilitate the successful implementation of robust control systems tailored to meet your specific needs.

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