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Aftermarket Solutions

Providing aftermarket solutions such as technical support, maintenance services, spare parts, lifecycle upgrades and asset information are essential for OEMs, technology suppliers, and pure service organizations. These solutions enable bolstering revenue streams, customer relationships, and a winning market position for the company. Minimizing downtime emerges as a key objective for every stakeholder.

Understanding the True Cost of Downtime

Once industrial equipment has been sold and installed, customers require various aftermarket solutions throughout the asset's lifecycle. In a competitive market, mastering aftermarket services can differentiate a company by amplifying customer loyalty and driving product improvements through valuable feedback. 

At Etteplan, we recognize that minimizing downtime is crucial. Our ability to do so depends on factors such as spare and wear parts availability, workforce skills, and technical support. Already in the R&D process, manufacturers need to follow the Design for Serviceability (DFS) principle. 

Importance of a Service-Centric Approach

 Leveraging new technologies in a service-centric approach transforms service businesses. These innovations foster new business models that enhance customer value and drive revenue. Digital monitoring and data analytics enable early issue identification, shifting from preventive to predictive maintenance. Access to digital, user-friendly technical information facilitates self-diagnosis, easing service team workload.  

Augmented reality, digital twins, and simulations enhance service personnel training, improving Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). Efficient repair is further supported by comprehensive, well-organized spare and wear parts catalogues, ensuring swift logistical responses. 

Optimizing Aftermarket Services

Partnering with Etteplan ensures effective aftermarket services, reducing unexpected downtime and generating value for all stakeholders.  

  • With a proactive mindset and cutting-edge technology, we assist in identifying and preventing downtime issues, from R&D and handover processes throughout the asset lifecycle. 
  • We help in performing preventive and predictive maintenance, leveraging data analytics to identify and solve issues swiftly and efficiently. 
  • We understand that high-quality technical information is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction, increasing service business and ensuring regulatory compliance 

Etteplan’s services for effective aftermarket solutions

Service offering

A customer-oriented operating model and productized service offering are needed to succeed in the service business and to create a good customer experience. Mastering spare part catalogs, OEM parts data, service instructions, lifecycle solutions and operating procedures are among key development areas for a service organization.

Handover to customer

Service organizations need to cooperate with product delivery teams to make customer handovers. This may include installation, commissioning, qualification, and on-boarding of customer personnel. The service organization needs to take care of the guarantee period, provide support and other contractual obligations as well.


Ensuring the optimal and intended use of products and equipment is paramount. Our training solutions, including Digital Twin or Simulators, create a user-centric training environment. Our learning materials consist of top-quality educational content including e-learning modules, on-line training, classroom materials, infographics, virtual reality, and more.

Technical Support

High-quality technical documentation is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring regulatory compliance. Content Delivery Portals, technical bulletins, troubleshooting instructions, and end-user support are key success factors to maintain the product lifecycle, cybersecurity, performance, and safety.

Maintenance Services

Preventive maintenance services and predictive analytics are in the heart of the outcome-based business models where SLAs and Service Contracts are applied. Etteplan provides effective data analytics, operation and maintenance manuals, service and repair instructions and quick guides to solve any type of need a customer or service organization may have.

Spare parts services

Etteplan offers a wide range of spare parts information services aimed at optimizing maintenance and repair processes. We apply item management and analytics to master spare parts data, legacy products, and OEM information to harmonize your spare part offering. Our expert teams specialize in creating customized solutions such as on-line spare part catalogs, service kits, and 3D illustrations to maximize usability.

Modernizations and upgrades

The key to an optimized product lifecycle lies in upgrades and modernizations. We help you ensure customer support by providing Application Lifecycle Management, SW releases, and engineering expertise for lifecycle upgrades. Additionally, we support our customers with safety checks, forms and checklists used for site surveys and technical audits.

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