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Electronics Component Engineering

Facing challenges in maintaining your parts catalogue? Partner with our Component Specialists boasting 20+ years of experience collaborating with manufacturers.

We provide solutions for monitoring and maintaining component availability, perform thorough risk assessments, explore alternative suppliers, and offer redesign options when replacements are scarce. Join forces with us to mitigate risk, accelerate time-to-market, and liberate your R&D resources for innovation.

At Etteplan, our specialists offer a range of services to ensure the smooth operation of your electronics components: 

Sourcing (including alternatives): Our experts help you source components and explore alternative options when needed. 
Component Engineering: We provide comprehensive component engineering solutions tailored to your specific needs. 
BOM (Bill of Materials) optimizations: Our specialists optimize your BOMs to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 
Purchasing: We assist with purchasing processes to ensure timely procurement of components. 
Product life cycle management: We offer support throughout the entire product life cycle, from design to end-of-life management. 
Maintenance of the components database: Our team maintains an up-to-date database of components for easy reference. 
Environmental issues: We consider environmental factors in component selection and offer guidance on sustainability practices. 
Drawing CAE Symbols: Our specialists create accurate CAE symbols for efficient circuit design. 
PCB layout: We provide PCB layout services to optimize performance and reliability. 
PCB documentation: Our team generates comprehensive documentation for your PCB designs. 
Ticketing service for components: We offer a ticketing system to manage component-related issues and inquiries.

Maintain your parts catalogue with Etteplan Component Engineering

Etteplan's Electronics Component Engineering service offers a comprehensive solution to maintaining your parts catalogue. Whether it’s new components or old ones, it’s important to be able to monitor the status of your parts lists. Our experts make sure that the availability of your components remains at a high level with the following three ways: 

Component-Based Risk Analysis: Our seasoned component specialists perform meticulous risk assessments by leveraging cross-referencing techniques between your part catalog and component databases. This approach unveils supply levels across various components and assigns risk values, enabling you to proactively address potential procurement challenges. 

Second Sourcing Alternatives: Etteplan diligently seeks secondary suppliers for newly required components, enhancing availability and bolstering your bargaining position. This strategic approach not only ensures a stable supply but also enhances your ability to negotiate favorable terms. 

Re-Design Proposals: In situations where component shortages are acute and replacements are elusive, our skilled specialists propose alternative components and suppliers, securing continuity for your critical processes. Should the need arise, we're prepared to assist in re-engineering your product with available components, ensuring you're equipped to meet market demands. 

Unveiling values through collaboration 

By entrusting your component engineering challenges to Etteplan, you unlock an array of tangible benefits: 

Mitigated Risk and Faster Time-to-Market: Our meticulous risk analysis and contingency planning substantially minimize the impact of component shortages on your operations. This, coupled with our quick response to sourcing and design challenges, ensures your products reach the market swiftly. 

Enhanced Resource Utilization: By delegating component engineering intricacies to us, your R&D teams gain precious time to focus on innovation and new product development, amplifying your competitive edge. 

In the dynamic landscape of electronics and technology, Etteplan's Electronics Component Engineering service stands as your strategic partner, equipping you to conquer possible component shortages, ensuring faster time to market, and delivering excellence to your customers. With a proven track record of assisting businesses across industries, we're ready to collaborate and drive your success. 

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