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Energy and Power Transmission

Renewable energy and reducing the customer’s energy footprint and total energy costs are at the core of Etteplan’s extensive expertise in energy and power transmission. We provide services throughout the project life cycle and have world-class expertise in energy storage solutions and in developing emission technologies.

From power generators to fully fledged solutions for green energy

Our energy sector customers have improved their design process, product data management system and component information with Etteplan’s expertise. Thanks to our long-term customer relationships, we have strong domain knowledge in the design engineering requirements for industrial gears, steel structures, power generators, wind turbine components, supply transformers, substation automation, frequency converters and more.

Etteplan serves the energy and power transmission industry in the areas of wind, wave, hydro, peat, coal, oil, natural gas and solar energy, as well as power transmission customers using High Voltage AC and DC transmission. We also help technology companies serving the energy and utility industry, such as ABB, Fortum, Siemens Energy and many more, to gain quality improvements and process and product cost efficiency.

We are in the business of production and distribution of electricity. For us it makes business sense to outsource technical documentation to Etteplan. We can rest assured that our technical documentation is top class and fulfills all industry standards.

Lars-Erik Djupenström

Manager Process & Engineering Fortum Värme

Design engineering services for industrial plants and machinery

Etteplan can independently assume full responsibility for complete plant engineering projects or provide expert services for designing a machine or its components. Our automation systems have benefited many of our customers, for example, local power and heat plants where bio waste, gas or any recyclable material is used.

Etteplan’s competence in safety engineering includes working safety in operations and maintenance as well as cyber security. We fulfill the most stringent requirements for safety and maximize the uptime of the machinery.

Our expertise in engineering analysis, including strength calculations and advanced simulation technologies, helps our customers design and maintain high-performance plants and production lines.

Advanced digitalization and cloud-based solutions

Etteplan’s expertise in digitalization and cloud solutions help you manage and improve the efficiency of your plant while reducing the total life-cycle cost. Our digitalization and cloud solutions include remote control systems and maintenance.

High quality and safety come first with our services. Our advanced solutions for testing also include automated software test sequences for grid automation.

Digitalized solutions for asset information management

Etteplan has an extensive service offering for product and asset information management. Our services range from the digitalization of technical documentation, including manuals, visual quick guides and documentation deliveries, to name a few, to comprehensive single-source service information systems and asset information management systems. Etteplan can take responsibility for creating, updating and managing your technical documentation related to machinery and assets. We can help improve your production, user training and service and maintenance operations. In response to the growing need for digitalized training platforms, we offer complete e-learning environments with advanced e-learning programs that utilize technologies such as AR and VR.

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