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Code of Conduct

All Etteplan’s employees and partners are expected to comply with our Code of Conduct principles and practices.

Etteplan Code of Conduct

We want our employees and partners to be proud to work for us, and aim to foster a sense of well-being for all stakeholders, rooted in our values. Our Code of Conduct document serves to transparently articulate and convey our shared ethical values and business principles to every employee, stakeholder, and partner.

Etteplan's Whistleblowing service

Reporting misconduct and seeking advice

Etteplan offers various channels for asking for advice and for reporting suspected ethical offenses. 

You have several options and channels to take action:

  • If you are an Etteplan employee, you can always speak to your supervisor or their supervisor. They are there to tackle any misuse or perceived bad behavior in the company.
  • If you wish, you can also speak to Etteplan’s Senior Vice President, Human Resources.
  • Regarding the use of social media or public discussion; please contact Etteplan’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

If you feel uncomfortable speaking or writing to any of the above, you may also leave a message on our Whistleblowing tool: 

​​​​​​Etteplan's Whistleblowing is a service enabling anyone to voice concerns or report non-compliance in confidence. It provides the option of anonymity, while enabling communication with the person voicing a concern or reporting non-compliant behavior. All reports submitted to the Whistleblowing tool are treated with care and processed in a safe and secure environment. You can leave your contact details, or you can share your concerns anonymously.

After submitting the notification, you will receive an anonymous username and password with which you can log in to the service and communicate with whistleblowing notification handlers.

If you are Etteplan’s partner, customer or other external stakeholder, and you have a concern about the activity or behavior of Etteplan’s employees or leadership, you may also use the Whistleblowing tool (above), or contact Etteplan HR.

Whistleblowing protection

We have zero-tolerance for any form of retaliation of any kind against individuals who voice their concerns, report misconduct, or assist in investigations of possible violations. We will ensure complete confidentiality for anyone reporting suspected violations. There will be no retribution or punishment for any individual who reports a suspected violation in good faith, even if this claim is later found to be without merit.  

However, it is also important to understand that presenting an accusation with malicious intent, or that you know to be false, is also an offense and may have consequences.