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Software Testing

At Etteplan, we are proud to be a leading provider of software testing services. With a team of over 100 skilled engineers dedicated to software testing, test automation, and DevOps, we offer flexible testing teams tailored to meet your specific needs in terms of competencies and cost efficiency. Our well-established software testing service centers in Finland, Sweden, and Poland ensure that we can provide both remote and local support.

Complete software testing service portfolio 

As a large engineering house with a diverse service portfolio, we excel in delivering software testing services as managed services, projects, and consultancy. Our approach begins with a collaborative workshop to assess your current situation and formulate a tailored plan forward. From creating test strategies and test plans to implementing test automation, our comprehensive offerings ensure thorough testing execution.  

We continuously upskill our engineers through our own academy and external training programs, encouraging certifications like ISTQB. Additionally, we can assist you in selecting the right tools for Continuous Integration, Test Automation, requirement handling, and bug reporting to seamlessly integrate within your DevOps pipeline. 

DevOps: enhancing software development and delivery process 

Our DevOps service is your strategic partner for enhancing your software development and delivery process. We assist in selecting the right DevOps platforms and tools for your requirements, automate deployments, manage CI/CD pipelines, and ensure efficient and error-free software delivery.  

Our experts design and implement software development infrastructure and processes for success. We configure, maintain, and automate CI/CD pipelines to boost software delivery frequency and reliability. Security and compliance are top priorities for us; therefore we ensure secure releases through assessments, controls, vulnerability scans, and build monitoring systems with Prometheus and Grafana for reliable, high-performance production systems. Collaborating closely with development teams, we enhance productivity and reliability.  

Experience the transformative power of DevOps with our comprehensive service, enhancing agility, security, and efficiency in your software development and delivery processes. 

Software test manager service 

If you're looking to enhance your test or software development process but lack a clear roadmap, our SW Test Manager Service can help. Our expert test managers will define an optimal test strategy and test plans for your organization, including the right level of test automation. We can also manage the execution of testing and the implementation of test automation while taking on agreed-upon management and reporting tasks. Our scalable service can adapt to your needs, ramping up during intensive phases and scaling down during less active periods. 

Software testing team service 

For complete testing teams tailored to your specific requirements, our SW Testing Team Service is the answer. Led by a Test Manager serving as your main point of contact, our dedicated teams operate autonomously based on the agreed service description, taking responsibility for specific testing areas. We are flexible in adjusting team roles based on changing needs, such as emphasizing test automation during development or test execution during product releases. We can even incorporate engineers from your organization or other suppliers into our testing team to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

Automated software testing for embedded solutions 

As experts in designing devices for our customers, we understand the technologies and best test cases required. While manual testing has its place, test automation becomes indispensable when dealing with multiple products or software releases. With our software testing services and test automation capabilities, you can expect reduced time to product release, increased testing effectiveness ,and real-time visibility on testing progress and immediate feedback on new functionalities. Automated testing empowers you with extended testing possibilities, ensuring traceability, repeatability, and compatibility while saving valuable time and resources. 

Choose Etteplan as your software testing partner, and together, we'll accelerate your business's growth by delivering reliable, high-quality software solutions. 

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