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Asset Operations and Maintenance

Successful industrial production requires efficient processes and meticulous asset management, operations, and maintenance. It is a must to balance between securing production, end-product quality, and profitability. Better decision-making is a result of expertise in industrial digitalization, analytics, and maintenance engineering.

Quest for Operational Excellence

Industries rely on a diverse range of assets, from machinery, equipment, facilities, and complete production lines to IT/OT systems, data, software, and IPR. Effective asset management is vital across process industries such as chemicals, pulp and paper, metals, pharmaceuticals, and food. This applies also to mining and technology suppliers. 

At Etteplan, we are on a quest for operational excellence together with our clients facing complex challenges to improve production and maintenance efficiency, quality, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), to minimize downtime, and to optimize resource allocation. Fluctuating demand and market cycles require a focus on high-quality production and measurement capabilities, while operations need to adapt to changing specifications. 

Strategic Maintenance, Data and New Competences

Ensuring asset reliability and availability for operations minimizes downtime and extends asset lifespan. The key is to leverage solid maintenance strategies and improve situational awareness through digitalization, analytics, and smart production. This enables moving from preventive maintenance towards predictive maintenance, even creating smart factories. 

As sustainability requirements increase, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) offers valuable insight to reduce the environmental impact.  

Integrating new technologies provides solutions but introduces new risks and demands new labor competences. Standardized processes help in the transfer of expertise over generations in the workforce.  

Empowering Your Industrial Assets

Embark on a journey of operational excellence with us in a flexible partnership extending across the entire lifecycle of any asset. We offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities tailored for your needs and ensure you seamless engineering operations at every stage. 

  • With a strong local presence and a global support network, we provide responsive service regardless of location. Our maintenance engineering expertise ensures asset longevity and efficiency, supported by robust asset information management. 
  • We excel in software and automation development and implementation, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity. Our multi-technology approach addresses unique challenges comprehensively, embracing Industry 5.0 with a human-centric and user-centric focus. 

Etteplan’s services for effective asset operations and maintenance

Planning and coordination

We ensure effective planning and project and work package management, including maintenance engineering. We set up and deliver continuous services to support your operational and maintenance activities with our services. We conduct feasibility studies to align solutions with your operational and technical requirements.

Asset Information Management (AIM) and Asset Performance Management

Etteplan's Asset Information Services for Operations and Maintenance helps you manage and organize critical asset information, ensuring seamless access for maintenance teams. Our services include establishing structured information management and coordination processes, advisory, integration services, and BIM maintenance in alignment with industry standards and regulatory requirements. We assist in the complete asset performance setup, including data and sensor design, IoT, and data acquisition, and data engineering. We provide service design with a user-centric approach such as developing data visualization to assist end users to work safely and easily.

Maintenance engineering and Analytics

Etteplan helps you in improving your equipment maintainability, reliability, and availability. We accelerate the transition from time-based preventive maintenance to condition-based even predictive maintenance strategies. Our services include RCM studies (Reliability Centered Maintenance), basic engineering, mechanical engineering, and EAI engineering (electrical, automation, instrumentation). We design and implement entire data platforms, including data collection (integrations), data storage, and management solutions. We help you with data engineering, analytics, visualization, and ML/AI to create insights for your operations and maintenance.

Operations management and logistics solutions

Our integration services and mobile solutions improve day-to-day operations by integrating, connecting, and securely sharing information between applications and devices to automate manual processes, increase efficiency, and integrate data sources. We offer you cloud and edge solutions, and mobile development where necessary.

Production and process control

We provide ERP/MES and IT/OT integration services, production solutions (applied for discrete manufacturing), EAI engineering, application development, and UI/UX design to manage production assets effectively. We help in developing digital twins in production settings to enable virtual simulations to design new production lines or improve existing ones.

Application Life Cycle management and Digital Services

We offer ongoing 24/7 technical support and troubleshooting, functioning as the service manager throughout the lifecycle of the IT/OT solutions. This includes system lifecycle management, application development, cyber security, and on-site services. Our digital services, such as e-learning tools, technical documentation platform Etteplan HowTo, and digital twin services facilitate effective learning, training, and onboarding solutions for operators, maintenance technicians, and end-users.

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