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Etteplan's service areas

We're a multitalented collaborative technology service company that solves challenges.


Our business is organized into three service areas. Engineering Solutions represents 56% of our group revenue, Software and Embedded Solutions 24% and Technical Communication Solutions 19% (FY2023). 

Engineering solutions

Engineering Solutions refer to the innovation, engineering and calculations of the technical attributes of the customer’s machinery, equipment and plants for the purpose of product development and manufacturing. Assignments are typically product development projects for a new product, plant engineering projects or Engineering-to-Order projects, involving the customization of the product in accordance with end customer requirements and the legislation of the market area.

Software and Embedded solutions

Etteplan's Software and Embedded Solutions provide product development services as well as software and technology solutions that enable the digitalization of customers’ business processes along with the intelligence and connectivity of machinery and equipment. A typical challenge involves the need to increase the efficiency of business processes or manufacturing and create new products for the market. Through system integration, we can ensure better customer service, cost-efficiency or the creation of new income streams through digitalization.

Technical Communication solutions

Technical Documentation Solutions refer to the user manuals for individual products or the documentation and information management of the technical attributes of production facilities, such as factories. The service also covers content production and distribution in print and digital form. For an industrial customer, good technical documentation can lift the value of their products and ensure their products are used safely and in the right way. We provide customers with solutions for improving cost-efficiency and lead times, increasing quality and reducing the environmental footprint.