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Engineering Analysis

Etteplan, a prominent engineering analysis service provider in Northern Europe, excels in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). Our team comprises top-notch specialists skilled in structural engineering simulation, computational fluid dynamics, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). With our extensive theoretical knowledge at the PhD level and vast industrial experience, we effectively utilize advanced computational and simulation tools to meet the demands of a digitalizing industry.

From problem-solving to product development

At Etteplan, we seamlessly integrate engineering analysis into our projects, whether they involve large steel structures or electronics applications. Our computational expertise combined with various engineering areas and manufacturing methods, including additive manufacturing (industrial 3D printing), enables us to provide comprehensive solutions.

Structural analysis

In compliance with industry standards, our structural analyses are essential for safety-critical applications such as pressure equipment, steel structures, and seismic areas. Whether it's stability, safety, manufacturability, or weight optimization, our experts ensure quick and reliable verification of your product's performance. We handle various load conditions such as cyclic fatigue loads, continuous loads from vibration, loads from normal operation, and impact-like loads resulting from problem situations. With our world-class competence in strength calculations, we prioritize cost-effective design without compromising on safety and durability.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Etteplan boasts world-leading expertise in CFD, enabling us to simulate the behavior of gases and liquids in equipment and processes. Through CFD analysis, we can verify characteristics like combustion efficiency, heat transfer rates, pressure loss, power consumption levels, efficiency improvements, and mixing capabilities even before manufacturing your device. Additionally, our specialized experts excel at visualizing physical phenomena using computational fluid dynamics techniques. By quickly understanding problems in processes or equipment and their causes through visualization methods, we provide reliable solutions.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

In addition to structural analysis and CFD services, we offer expertise in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Our EMC analysis ensures that your electronic devices operate harmoniously within their electromagnetic environment without causing interference issues or being susceptible to external disturbances. By addressing EMC concerns during the development stage of your products, we mitigate risks and enhance performance and reliability.

Why choose Etteplan?

Etteplan is a trusted company with a collaborative, courageous, and impactful approach. Our team of expert engineers handles every aspect of the engineering chain, from mechanical design to CAE calculations and documentation. We prioritize building relationships with our customers by providing sophisticated insights and a strong point of view. With our comprehensive engineering analysis services, we drive meaningful progress across various sectors while delivering relevant and reliable solutions.

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