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Our best opportunity to make an impact comes through the knowledge of our experts and the work we do for our customers in helping them to conserve energy, reduce emissions, and develop sustainable solutions, products and services.

Environmental Responsibility

Every year, we create numerous solutions for top machinery and equipment providers globally. These solutions aid our clients in developing eco-friendly options that prioritize ease of manufacturing, usability, and recyclability. Our focus lies in the development of environmentally conscious technologies, enhancing the energy efficiency of our customers' equipment, machinery, and production facilities. 

Environmental management is the responsibility of the VPs in charge of the business units, and, at the Etteplan Management Group level, the SVP is responsible for the Solutions & Technologies function. 

Environmental Targets

Etteplan’s environmental responsibility targets and action plans are in line with the ISO 14001 standard and based on our 2023 Double Materiality assessment.

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint has been calculated according to GHG Protocol calculation. Calculations made by our internal team, read more about our LCA team. Both Scope 1 and 2 have been calculated for Finland and Sweden for 2022. Scope 3 has been partly calculated.