Together, we can change the world.

Career journey

We support the career development of our employees and encourage everyone to find the next career step at Etteplan. Learn about our Career Model, and get inspired – joining Etteplan is only your first step, the rest is up to you!

Why work at Etteplan?

Building a Better World Through Engineering, Innovation, and Digitalization. Join our team of experienced professionals and develop your skills in a collaborative atmosphere. Discover the opportunity to make a lasting impact.

Meet Your Colleagues

"The most enjoyable part of my leadership role is to see other people grow"

"The best thing about programming for me, is that you see right away if something works or not."

"We get to with the latest technologies, e.g. digital hydraulics, electrification, hydraulic simulations, big data and more."

"Never a dull moment while creating content for a wide range of machinery"

Balancing work and leisure

Find balance between work and leisure with Etteplan. We prioritize well-being and personal development alongside professional growth, promoting workplace ergonomics for physical and mental regeneration.