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Valeryi Parkouski: Building a global career

Valeryi Parkouski joined Etteplan Poland as a Lead Hardware Design Engineer in July 2022. He graduated his electronics design studies in 2010 and obtained a master's degree the following year at a Belarusian university. For the past 12 years he has worked as an electronics design engineer in some R&D companies, gaining valuable experience in various projects related to the automotive industry, RF devices, and industrial electronics.

In January 2022, Valeryi wanted to make a change in his professional life. "I worked for Belarusian companies because that's where I come from. However, I was curious about international projects. I wanted to work for a global company. I chose Etteplan Poland because it is a Finnish company with an office in Poland. This country is closest to me due to its similar language to Belarusian," says Valeryi. He found an Etteplan Poland job advertisement on LinkedIn for a Senior Hardware Design Engineer position. After a successful recruitment process, Valeryi moved to Wroclaw, where Etteplan's office is located.

His first project at Etteplan involved control module for an elevator, on which he collaborated with Marek Balcerzak and Arkadiusz Głowacki. "That was the first time I conducted tests on a precise level compliant with European standards," recalls Valeryi. He also designed display boards for Porsche. Currently, he is working with the Finnish team on a high-voltage electronics project.

Valeryi appreciates working at Etteplan for its work atmosphere. "There are many very positive people here who support each other and are willing to cooperate together. People are the greatest asset of this company," emphasizes Valeryi.

During his free time, Valeryi enjoys traveling, walking, and indulging in delicious food. He also enjoys horseback riding and discovering the charms of Lower Silesia.