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Marek Balcerzak: Step by step towards development

Marek Balcerzak works as a Hardware Design Engineer at Etteplan in Poznan. He has been interested in engineering since his teenage years. During his studies, he was a member of a scientific club where he with other students built racing cars. 

In his previous company, where he was employed, he didn't feel like he was growing professionally. He wanted to take the next step. He learned about Etteplan through LinkedIn. After the recruitment interview, he was accepted and joined Daniel Rogóż's team. 

Over the course of 2.5 years, he gained valuable experience in designing electronic equipment. He worked on projects such as measuring energy consumption in water meters and creating multimedia displays for elevators and premium car multimedia panels. "Each project requires understanding the specifics of the industry and adapting to different factors. Thanks to this diversity, I expanded the scope of my skills," says Marek. This was precisely the main reason why he decided to work at Etteplan. "Thanks to the wide range of projects, I never get bored and don't stand still. I take further steps in my development," he emphasizes. 

Marek's favorite project was creating a display for an elevator. "It was demanding work. We faced difficulties, including the need to adapt to changing conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the end, we managed to successfully complete the project," he recalls. 

Work is not everything for Marek. Well-being is very important to him. "I realized how valuable it is to have the opportunity to rest and develop my passions after work. Etteplan provides that, contrary to appearances, which is not a common practice among many companies," says Marek.