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EHTA-Test Factory: Transforming Pulp By-Products into Biofuel

Tampere University is one of the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. It brings together research and education in technology, health and society. The University is known for its excellence in teaching and research and it collaborates with hundreds of universities and organisations worldwide. Its’ community consists of 21,000 students and over 4,000 staff members from more than 80 countries.

In the world of sustainable energy, finding innovative solutions to utilize industrial by-products is crucial. EHTA-test factory is a test facility run by Tampere University. It aims to transform pulp by-products into biofuel, and they turned to Etteplan to tackle this challenge.

Etteplan's End-to-End Solution

Etteplan emerged as the frontrunner by offering a complete package that aligned perfectly with the customer’s requirements. The decision to choose Etteplan was based on their ability to deliver end-to-end solutions, encompassing every aspect of the project.

"Etteplan’s offering was balanced in terms of both content and value. Especially their experience from similar projects was the deciding factor in our supplier selection," explains Tero Joronen, the research lead at Tampere University.

Photos of EHTA-Test Factory on Tampere University campus.

Design and Engineering from the same supplier

Etteplan's solution involved various stages of design and engineering. The team at Etteplan meticulously planned the layout of the facility, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency. Additionally, they provided equipment, electrical, instrumentation, automation, and process design, as well as equipment lists for procurement. Furthermore, they incorporated technical risk management modelling to ensure a smooth implementation process.

"Etteplan provided excellent engineering resources for the chosen areas. Also, electrical, and mechanical design, including strength calculations, layout design, and preliminary process design were done with professionalism."

Tero Joronen

The research lead at Tampere University

Successful collaboration through transparent and efficient communication

The project commenced in the summer of 2017 and witnessed its final modifications in 2021, spanning a total of four years. The dynamic nature of the project demanded frequent ideation, iteration, and extensive testing to refine the solution continuously.

Collaboration played a pivotal role in the success of the project. Etteplan emphasized close cooperation between their team and EHTA-koelaitos. Weekly meetings were held to ensure effective communication and alignment. Transparent and efficient internal communication among different departments within Etteplan was essential. Much of the work was carried out behind the scenes, with the team working seamlessly together to deliver a wide range of services. The project was driven by a shared commitment and a unified vision, with all the necessary expertise available under one roof.

Sustainable initiatives drive the industry forward

The collaboration between EHTA-test factory and Etteplan serves as a shining example of how strategic partnerships can drive sustainable initiatives and propel the industry forward. By leveraging their technical expertise, comprehensive solutions, and collaborative approach, Etteplan continues to make a lasting impact on the renewable energy sector, revolutionizing the way by-products are utilized and unlocking new possibilities for a greener future.

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