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Etteplan LEAN

Etteplan's LEAN service optimizes your order-to-delivery engineering process, boosting cost-efficiency and flexibility. We cover the complete chain for any industrial company, including engineering management, design, documentation, and maintenance. Our expertise streamlines your operations, delivering measurable improvements.

Outsource your engineering-to-order to a partner that cares

When your business model relies on an order-to-delivery model, you need to ensure a fast and cost-efficient process, as it directly impacts your company's profitability. Etteplan LEAN is a tailored service designed to meet this need.

By selecting Etteplan as your partner for recurring engineering projects in the order-to-delivery process, you can focus on your core competencies and business development. We will handle your order management, from check and clarification to product configuration and material management, change management, and technical product support.

Cost competitiveness through offshoring and nearshoring

As a global engineering supplier, Etteplan has developed efficient and proven methods utilizing global offshoring and nearshoring resources. By leveraging the most suitable resources, you will gain significant cost and time benefits.

Utilizing AI in the order-to-delivery process

When partnering with Etteplan, your order-to-delivery process will benefit from the latest AI technologies and processes. Etteplan's AI-based Engineering Co-Pilot utilizes company-specific instructions and standards to ensure the efficiency and correctness of engineering.

Service cloud supports continuous development

Etteplan utilizes a digitalized service cloud to its full potential for engineering management. When partnering with us, you will gain full visibility into the engineering management, enabling us to make informed decisions based on facts and data.

Proactive partner that offers continuous development

With roles and responsibilities clearly defined, we will work together to drive continuous development. As a proactive partner, we seek opportunities to improve your product and process. When the order-to-delivery process is managed in a Continuous Service mode with Etteplan, we ensure ongoing improvement as part of the process, ensuring your competitiveness in future projects.

Full-scale engineering partnership

In the order-to-delivery process, Etteplan will handle the entire engineering spectrum, including mechanical and electrical engineering, strength calculation, and optimization. Additionally, as a leading industrial software vendor, we will take care of the automation and software customization required in your order-to-delivery process.

Ready to optimize your order-to-delivery engineering process? Outsource your engineering-to-order to Etteplan and experience cost competitiveness, AI utilization, and continuous development. Partner with us for a full-scale engineering partnership that streamlines your operations and improves your bottom line. Contact us today to get started!

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