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Optimizing vehicle inspection process for YKL

YKL ry is an association for private owned inspection offices. Since 1996, the association has acted as a recognized trustee for private inspection offices. It serves as a two-way information and cooperation channel for its members, and supports independent and impartial inspection activities. YKL ry is in favor of organizing vehicle inspections on the basis of private entrepreneurship. Their goal is to improve the financial and other conditions for such entrepreneurship. They develop the technical performance and practical quality of inspection activities and thrive to meet the educational needs of its members

YKL ry was looking to upgrade its old inspection management system with a new solution that would support its members’ inspection process and asset management. The association wanted a cost-effective system with enhanced features that could be further developed in the future according to their business needs.

Etteplan was chosen as the project partner due to our strong experience in delivering demanding operational solutions with several stakeholders and interfaces.

“Etteplan’s vision of the ways of working and procedures was emphasized in the decision-making.”

Björn Ziessler

Executive Director at YK

A truly user-driven solution

Together with YKL’s project team, Etteplan created a browser-based application for vehicle inspections. The solution included an inspection flow view and a management view. The planning and implementation of the solution was based on the information gathered by YKL from inspection personnel and entrepreneurs. In this way, the solution could be develop to meet the needs of the end-users.

The inspection flow view, which is mainly used with mobile devices, was built to support inspection personnel in their daily work. It has a workflow tool that takes the inspector through appropriate phases of the inspection process. The solution also has built-in printing so that the necessary documentation can be conveniently printed right after the inspection decision.

Ville Toivonen, Etteplan’s UX design lead for the project, explains the workflow in detail:  Firstly, submitting the license information of the vehicle allows the app to identify the vehicle to be inspected. The application then goes through basic information about the vehicle, which can affect the inspection process. Next, the app takes the inspector through the necessary measurements and tests according to vehicle specific inspection plan. Finally, the inspector can issue their inspection decision and print the documents directly from the app.”

The second part, the management view, allows admins to manage inspection chains, work types, offices, users, vehicle groups, equipment register, inspection flows and many other necessary variables needed to manage the inspections. In addition, integration with Traficom (Finnish Transport and Communication Agency) is built into the application, so the vehicle register is available to the user.

Etteplan is also responsible for the lifecycle management of the solution applications, which includes active cloud hosting, hardware commissioning, and small enhancement to the necessary corners of the process and solution. With Etteplan’s Application Management service in place, the business can operate 24/7 as needed.

The app receives a great reception from its end-users

The end-result is a cost-efficient system with improved features that meet the needs of the end-users. This is evidenced by the positive and enthusiastic feedback from various inspection offices and personnel.

“The project has gone very well in close cooperation with YKL’s project team. With almost daily meetings we’ve been able implement our shared vision of the solution,” elaborates Etteplan’s project manager, Toni Tervo.

The user interface is easy to use and intuitive. It speeds up the inspection process and creates a smooth workflow for inspectors. It also makes it easy for admins to customize the inspection process and manage assets from the management view.

“We are pleased that Etteplan was able to seamlessly support us in the implementation of the system for our entrepreneurs and make changes and fixes to the system at short notice. While implementing a new system is always challenging, we have received better than average feedback from the users.”

The development of the solution will continue to meet the needs of the end-users, with Etteplan remaining the main partner in application development.

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