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Steris Finn-Aqua aiming at highest quality in technical product information

Nyheter – Publicerad: 18.02.2014 9:00:00

18.02.2014 News release

Steris Finn-Aqua has acquired Etteplan’s Hyper STE software to produce technical writing according to the ASD-STE100 specification. The software will be used to write the user manuals of the company’s multiple effect water still system and other products.

Steris Finn-Aqua is the fully owned subsidiary of Steris, a global leader in infection prevention, contamination control and surgical & critical care technology.

– Steris is a leading company in its field and our products meet the highest quality and safety standards. Our goal is to provide the same quality in our technical documentation. It is very important for us that our customers find our manuals clear and trustworthy and that our products are used in a correct and safe way.

– We have a knowledgeable team working on technical texts. However we want to make sure that our technical documentation meet the industry specifications. Etteplan’s STE method and software tool ensure the best quality of the English language. The users of the documentation benefit from correct and easy-to understand texts.

Juha Mattila, Product Manager
Steris Finn-Aqua

In addition to the Hyper STE software Etteplan will deliver to Steris Finn-Aqua a standardized company specific vocabulary which will support the technical writers to produce technical documentation according to the STE specification. Etteplan’s proprietary software tools and the company specific vocabulary will be integrated with Microsoft Word.

For more information about the Etteplan STE service, please contact:

Jukka Toimela, tel. +358 103 07 23 31 or email:
Malin Siberg, tel. +46 73 044 60 11 or email:
Berry Braster, tel. +31 40 84 84 050 or email:
Winni Liu, tel. +86 512 5768 9999 or e-mail: