Etteplan corporate resposibility

Corporate Responsibility

Responsibility is a prominent aspect of Etteplan's business

Competent and committed personnel, creating economic value for our customers and other stakeholders, and providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions are at the core of Etteplan’s responsible operations. Our operations are based on strong common principles and operating models while also taking the special characteristics of our operating countries into consideration. Our operations are based on Etteplan’s values, ethical business principles, Code of Conduct and open stakeholder engagement. We are committed to the continuous development of our responsibility at the Group level and at the country level. We report on our responsibility in accordance with the international GRI reporting framework. The development of Etteplan’s corporate responsibility is led by Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, who is also a member of the Management Group.

Read more about our sustainable operations in Annual Report on page 23.


Etteplan-corporate-responsibilityB.jpgReporting principles and GRI Index

Etteplan is reporting its corporate responsibility using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting framework. The report contains basic information on the GRI Standards (Core level). Etteplan reports on corporate responsibility annually. The Company’s reporting is based on a materiality analysis on responsibility (2015).More in our Annual Report p.34


Material topics of responsibility 

Etteplan determined the material topics of its corporate responsibility in 2015 by interviewing key external stakeholders and the Company’s own personnel. The management validated the results of the interviews to create the Company’s materiality matrix for responsibility, with the key topics being financial growth as well as personnel development  and commitment.

Etteplan materiality chart


Code of Conduct Etteplan Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct includes 16 statements that we commit to in our operations. All Etteplan’s employees and partners are expected to comply with these principles and practices.More on our Code of Conduct 



Stakeholder EngagementEtteplan corporate responsibility stakeholder expectations

In our operations, Etteplan strives for open dialogue with all stakeholders. Etteplan takes stakeholders’ views and expectations into consideration and aims to respond to them in the best possible manner.More in our Annual ReviewStatement of non-financial information 2020