Personnel and social responsibility

Following the strategy update announced in December 2019, Etteplan’s focus is on the personnel perhaps more strongly than ever before. This ambitious premise is reflected in all of Etteplan’s personnel-related efforts, in which Etteplan employees are the starting point of the development of operating methods and processes. However, this is not so much a radical change in the Company’s thinking as a continuation of all of the past personnel-related efforts.

The development of personnel competence and leadership, providing career opportunities and the equal treatment of employees are the cornerstones of Etteplan’s human resource management. Competent and committed employees with a high level of well-being are the Company’s most important asset and a precondition for the creation of customer value. Human resource management at Etteplan is led by the Senior Vice President of HR, assisted by a global HR team.

Personnel and leadership development


Etteplan’s business operations, growth and success are based on the expertise of our personnel. We develop our competence capital based on our customers’ needs and we recognize that it is equally important to develop technical competencies and leadership skills. Ongoing learning on the job plays a key role in ensuring our employees’ continuously improving ability to solve our customers’ problems, offer new and innovative solutions and find new ways to resolve technical challenges.

EtteCoach: the future of leadership is people-centered

Improving the employee experience has been defined as a key development area for the expert organization Etteplan. A coaching program for team leaders is part of this development program.

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Careers opportunities


Providing internal career opportunities to our personnel is one of the guiding principles of our operations. The large scale of Etteplan’s operations provides good opportunities for working in various project teams that serve the world’s leading machinery and equipment manufacturers.

Career path model

The career path model is at the core of monitoring the professional development of the company’s employees. The aim of the model is to make career possibilities and their requirements visible to the personnel. For supervisors, the model offers a tool for career planning, systematic personnel development, planning of personnel structure, and specification of recruitment needs.

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Managing and measuring well-being


At Etteplan, we are committed to treating our employees equally and promoting non-discrimination. Our remuneration policy is based on fair wages, benefits and incentives. Etteplan provides general practitioner level occupational health care services for its personnel in Finland. In addition, Etteplan’s personnel in Finland belongs to an employee benefit fund, which largely covers the use of specialist doctors and medicine. The early intervention model applied in Finland is aimed at earlier identification of the potential loss of work ability as well as planning and implementing individualized measures to support work ability in cooperation with the employee, supervisors, the occupational health care provider and other experts, as necessary.

Well-being at work

Etteplan’s customer promise - Engineering with a difference - is also a promise to our personnel. The Company’s culture and operating approach enable individual growth: at Etteplan, everyone is allowed to innovate and come up with new ideas and put them into action. For our professionals, this is an important avenue for increasing their individual expertise as well as their motivation and well-being at work.

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Etteplan strategy

Etteplan story

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Purpose, vision and values

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Financial targets

Etteplan updated its strategic and financial targets in December 2019. The targets for growth and profitability remained unchanged. Read more


In acquisitions, which play a key role in our strategy, our focus is on increasing our competence capital and geographical expansion.   Read more

Board of Directors & Management

Operating environment


Etteplan has set the standard in engineering design for 30 years. The company has been a pioneer in the development of engineering design and methods as well as new business models. 

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Corporate responsibility

At Etteplan, corporate responsibility is at the core of our day-to-day business as we design hundreds of sustainable solutions for the world’s leading machinery and equipment manufacturers every year. Our highly skilled personnel play a crucial role in fulfilling our customer promise.

Financial responsibility

Etteplan’s operations have significant economic impacts on many different stakeholders. We pay taxes, wages, dividends and financial expenses and we purchase products and services. Etteplan’s financial performance has been strong for several years now, and our revenue and operating profit continued to grow in 2019. Etteplan’s revenue grew by 11.3 per cent and was EUR 263.3 million (236.5). Our operating profit (EBITA) rose to EUR 26.0 million (22.6). We pay taxes on our profits in all of the countries that we operate in. Read more

Environmental responsibility

The day-to-day work of Etteplan’s environmental management is based on the standards specified in the ISO 14001 environmental system. The goals of our environmental policy include minimizing the environmental impacts of our own operations, training our personnel to recognize the environmental impacts of their work, and helping our partners observe responsibility in environmental matters. Read more


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Code of Conduct

We want our employees and partners to be proud to work with us, and we want to create well-being for all our stakeholders, based on our values of customer-orientation, proactiveness and attractiveness. This is why we have written this new Code of Conduct. Its purpose is to clearly present and communicate our common set of ethical values and business principles to all employees, stakeholders and partners, as well as to provide guidance in our daily business. Read more