Personnel and social responsibility

Highly competent and committed employees with a high level of well-being are Etteplan’s most important asset. They are a precondition for the creation of customer value, and thus for solutions that deliver broader value to society.

Etteplan’s human resource management is based on the Company’s values. The cornerstones of human resource management are the development of Etteplan employees’ competence and leadership, providing career opportunities and equal treatment of employees. Etteplan is characterized by a strong culture of teamwork. Human resource management at Etteplan is the responsibility of the global Senior Vice President, Human Resources, member of Etteplan Management Group, supported by HR teams in each country. 

Ensuring excellence in management through supervisor training

Etteplan invested in managerial training in 2020. We developed a fully global virtual E-LEAD training path for supervisors and other key personnel. The path enables us to provide our employees with equal development opportunities regardless of their location. Some 60 Etteplan employees participated in the training during the fall and the E-LEAD training will continue in the spring 2021. Our operating countries also organized their own training activities related
to leadership, well-being and the use of remote tools. Our HR team is constantly creating new operating models to support the practical management activities of supervisors, such as recruitment and supporting career development.

Investments in digital learning tool

Etteplan wants to provide its customers with solutions to technical challenges through new and innovative solution methods. For this to be achieved, the competence of our personnel must be up-to-date. We invest in ensuring continuous professional development and making career opportunities transparent. We also want to improve and accelerate learning on the job.

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Employee well-being is a high priority of us

Etteplan’s customer promise - Engineering with a difference - is also a promise to our personnel. Etteplan’s culture and operating approach enable individual growth: at Etteplan, everyone is allowed to innovate and come up with new ideas and put them into action. This represents a path not only to the personal growth of our experts but also to increasing motivation and well-being.

In addition to developing new ideas, we want to look after work-life balance and ensure a reasonable work load for employees: well-being, renewal and development go hand in hand. Workplace ergonomics and internal communication in the workplace community are also important themes for Etteplan.

Working flexibly in different locations was already familiar to the Company before the pandemic: in Finland, for example, we have more than 30 offices across the country.

Diversity as a key to success

Etteplan is committed to treating employees equally and promoting non-discrimination in accordance with its equality and diversity plan and Group-level management principles. Diversity is one of the key factors behind Etteplan’s success. We promote it by encouraging supervisors to look across national
borders in recruitment, among other things. Increasing the share of women among Etteplan’s personnel is also one of the Company’s objectives.

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Purposeful development of the employer image


Etteplan’s business is based on the competence of the personnel, and we compete for the best talent in the international job market. Successful recruitment, meaning the availability of labor and the required competencies, as well as attrition, are among our most significant personnel-related risks. We want to recruit experts who are not only highly competent but also a good fit with our company culture.


Etteplan strategy

Etteplan story

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Value creation model

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Purpose, vision and values

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Financial targets

Etteplan updated its strategic and financial targets in December 2019. The targets for growth and profitability remained unchanged. Read more


In acquisitions, which play a key role in our strategy, our focus is on increasing our competence capital and geographical expansion.   Read more

Board of Directors & Management

Operating environment


Etteplan has set the standard in engineering design for 30 years. The company has been a pioneer in the development of engineering design and methods as well as new business models. 

Events & webinars

Corporate responsibility

At Etteplan, corporate responsibility is at the core of our day-to-day business as we design hundreds of sustainable solutions for the world’s leading machinery and equipment manufacturers every year. Our highly skilled personnel play a crucial role in fulfilling our customer promise.

Financial responsibility

Etteplan’s operations have significant economic impacts on many different stakeholders. We pay taxes, wages, dividends and financial expenses and we purchase products and services.Etteplan’s financial performance has been strong for several years now. In 2020 our revenue decreased due to the global pandemic and was EUR 260.0 million (263.3). Our operating profit (EBITA) improved and was EUR 26.2 million (26.0). Etteplan currently operates in eight countries. We are committed to complying with all local, national and international laws and regulations in the countries where we do business and provide services. We pay taxes on our profits in all of the countries that we operate in. Read more

Environmental responsibility

The day-to-day work of Etteplan’s environmental management is based on the standards specified in the ISO 14001 environmental system. The goals of our environmental policy include minimizing the environmental impacts of our own operations, training our personnel to recognize the environmental impacts of their work, and helping our partners observe responsibility in environmental matters. Read more


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Code of Conduct

We want our employees and partners to be proud to work with us, and we want to create well-being for all our stakeholders, based on our values of customer-orientation, proactiveness and attractiveness. This is why we have written this new Code of Conduct. Its purpose is to clearly present and communicate our common set of ethical values and business principles to all employees, stakeholders and partners, as well as to provide guidance in our daily business. Read more