Personnel and Social Responsibility

Personnel and leadership development, career opportunities, and equality are at the core of Etteplan’s human resource management. Etteplan’s values and Code of Conduct is the foundation of our responsibility to our people and the societies in which we operate. Etteplan is characterized by a strong culture of teamwork. Highly competent and committed employees with a high level of well-being are Etteplan’s most important asset. Our people are behind the creation of customer value, and thus for solutions that deliver broader value to society.  

Human resource management at Etteplan is the responsibility of the global Senior Vice President, Human Resources, member of Etteplan Management Group, supported by HR teams in each country.  


Ensuring excellence in management through supervisor training 

Etteplan invested in managerial training in 2020 by developing a fully global virtual E-LEADEtteplan-personnel-responsibility-digital-tools_L.jpg training program for supervisors and other key personnel. The path enables us to provide our employees with equal development opportunities regardless of their location.    

Our operating countries also organize their own training activities related to leadership, well-being and the use of remote tools.  

Our HR team is constantly creating new operating models to support the practical management activities of supervisors, such as recruitment and supporting career development.  

Investments in digital learning tools

Etteplan aims to provide its customers with solutions to technical challenges through new and innovative solution methods, for this to be achieved the competence of our personnel must be up to date. We invest in continuous professional development and making career opportunities transparent. We also want to improve and support learning on the job.  Our career path model makes career possibilities visible for the personnel and helps managers in systematic personnel development. Each and everyone’s development is monitored in annual development discussions.