Cyber Security Regulations Update 2022

Webinar - Date: 31.08.2022 - Time (CET): 01:00 PM
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Cyber security regulations 2022


In this webinar, Antti Tolvanen presents some of the latest regulatory news affecting the domains of software and device development and gives some ideas on keeping your business compliant and competitive.

The European Union has since mid 2010’s worked hard to make cyber security a horizonal regulatory requirement. Via NIS2, and updates to EU safety regulations such as Radio Equipment Directive delegated acts 3(3)def, horizontal regulation of cyber security in EU seems to become widely a reality during 2024.

Concurrently, in the USA the Executive Order 14028 for Improving Nation’s Security is proceeding, first by making cyber security mandatory in federal purchasing.

Agenda for the webinar:

• EU NIS2 - news
• EU RED Delegated acts 3(3)def - hEN standards development on hold; the role of Notified Bodies in renewal of CE marking for IoT devices
• EU other safety regulations – news
• US Executive Order 14028 – news
• Sustainability/resiliency - how to develop competitive advantage or even stay in business, as cyber security becomes a mandatory customer and regulatory requirement?
• Questions from the audience


Antti Tolvanen

Antti Tolvanen

Sales Director
Software and Embedded Systems


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